Botox Mom: What Really Happened?

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Botox Mom Kerry Campbell shook up all up when she did an interview stating that she gives her 8 year old daughter Britney Botox injections because she’s in pageants and feels unattractive with wrinkles on her face. She also claimed that she had her daughter’s bikini line waxed. Because of this, Child Protective Services swooped in and took her daughter away.

When this all went down, Kerry Campbell must have started to panic. She then came out saying that her name isn’t Kerry Campbell at all, but Sheena Upton. And she does not, in fact, give her daugther Botox injections. She claims that reporter Alley Einstein paid her $6,000 – and gave her notes on what to say – in order to tell the false story about Botoxing her kid.

Alley Einstein states that Sheena’s a liar and she reported on exactly what she saw – the mom injecting her daughter’s face with Botox. (Although really, there’s no way to prove whether Sheena injected her daughter’s face with Botox or anything else – it could have been a shot filled with something useless, for all we know.)

This story has been quite weird – I initially heard that Botox Mom was paid only $200 for her story, and now the claim is that she was given $6,000. Plus, Sheena continued with her hoax by appearing on Good Morning America, so she was fine with sharing her story until Child Protective Services pulled her daughter from her custody.

The story was fishy, of course, because, among other reasons, Botox Mom wouldn’t reveal where she got her Botox materials, and although it could just be her youth, daughter Britney sounded seriously confused during an interview, which seems atypical for a seasoned pageant girl (which she actually is not). And, when tested for Botox in her system, Britney came out clean.

Here’s my thought on what really happened with Botox Mom and daughter Britney:

Alley Einstein, looking for a story, stumbled across Sheena Upton, who was looking for some cash. (Either that or someone found the story and tipped Alley off, and Alley at first believed the story had some kind of truth behind it.) Anyway, Alley got her hands on the Botox Mom story, and while she may not have totally believed it, she worked with Sheena and put together a story. She gave Sheena talking points via email and gave her tips and tricks to make her story more compelling. (Alley would later claim that the emails she sent were altered without her consent.) In any case, Alley stretched the truth, but Botox Mom Sheena Upton provided the commentary, which Alley could make into a story, whether she believed it or not.

Botox Mom got her cash, Alley got her story (which according to what she was told, was true). Then, when Botox Mom got famous, she realized she could keep the cash coming by threatening Alley and saying that her story was false. She let Alley know that without cash, she’s let the world know she’s lying, and Alley would lose her positive reputation as a reporter in the process. Alley and her employer wouldn’t pay out, so Botox Mom told her true story. (Plus, at this point, Sheena was probably getting desperate as her daughter was taken out of her custody.)

Alley now has to fight for her reputation (but she’ll recover), Botox Mom’s life is returning to normal (except for the part where the public now knows she’s a liar) but with her wishes in place: fame and fortune. Too bad the one who will really suffer here is young Britney.


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