Car Transport Services – Services Are Now More Affordable

Car Transport Services – Services Are Now More Affordable

Car Transport services are now more affordable than they have been in the past. This has opened up the availability to college students, military transfers, snowbirds, corporate transfers and many others. The car transport services are not limited to just a few- now you can choose open trailer, closed trailer, cargo ship, air transport and rail road transport. The best way to find out just what is the best service for your needs is to check out several companies and see which service you need at the price that fits for your budget. You can go online to get several quotes from the companies.

When you decide which companies you are interested in, contact them for time availability, services offered, if they are insured and bonded and if their price is right. With many companies offering this service, make sure you will get all you need from them.

Then you should be left with one company to handle your car transport services need. Make sure your pick up or drop off date and return delivery dates are correct and set. Then you will need to prepare the car for transport. Remove all personal items including items in the trunk, CDs, DVDs and players, GPS, Radios (if they are removable) and disarm your alarm system. Wash the car and take pictures of any damage or scratches. Make sure the car only has a quarter of a tank of gas. This is for weight and safety purposes. Crack your windows a small amount to release pressure from temperature changes and altitude changes. Your car is now ready.

Just one more thing to consider is Insurance. Does the carrier offer enough insurance for loss of your car, or should you check with your insurance for coverage? The right answer is both. You will need to know the limits on both insurances and you may have to get some additional coverage. This is for your benefit and peace of mind. If you have followed all the steps here, you should have a very good experience with your car transport services. I wish you the best with your move.

Car transport services are affordable and a great service for transporting your car. The above topics can help make your car transport service an easier and more enjoyable experience.

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