Another Great Disappointment To Those Who Believe The Prediction

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This is another disappointment for the people who believed this prophecyy and spend their money for the ministry of  CAMPING who preached that the world will end in May 21,2011.  What a sad event to those who truly believe about it. This is now a wake up call for all of us to read our Bibles and know the truth about what God said of His coming and the ending of the world. The book of Revelation, the last book of the new testament has lots of information about the last day events explaining of what will happen before the ending of the world and a clear picture of the great event that is to come before Jesus will appear in the clouds of heaven to take His people home. There is a clear explanation of who are those people who can be with Him to heaven and what will happen to this earth.

Reading the book of revelation would help us understand what lies ahead and how to prepare our hearts and minds for that event.  It is pretty much scarry to know how the world would end. The things that we are experiencing now, the calamities and wars and all that,  are just minor things compared to the event that would take place when the world will end and all of that were written by John the Revelator  in the book of Revelation. John was exiled in the island of Patmos and there,  God showed to him the things to come, what will happen in the last days, what manner of tribulation the people will suffer specially those who did not follow God and His commandments.

There is always hope for those who are followers of Christ because they will be protected by the angels of God when the earth will be shaken with great eathquake, famine, pestilence and all manner of tribulations. A true follower of Christ don’t have an easy life here on earth. They have to undergo a lot of sacrifices and self denial but they do all that because they love God and they want to follow his example. Jesus live a simple life when He was here on earth. He doesn’t even have a permanent place to stay. He made a lot of sacrifices to help the needy. He deny himself with comforts. He’d rather obey God the father rather than man. That’s how to be a follower of Christ. We will not cling to the comforts of this world. We must serve others, share what we have and humble ourselves even to our enemies. That is hard to do, loving our enemies?  but Jesus did that. He forgave those who nailed Him to the cross. Lots of test to take when we follow Christ’s example but if we can endure the test, we will be saved. All the things that will happen on earth will not make us afraid if we believe and obey Christ because He will protect us.


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