“the Thing” is Back

It has been confirmed and filmed. The 1980’s classic science fiction movie “The Thing” is back after 20 years. This movie was directed by John Carpenter and starring Kurt Russell has mesmerized science fiction+ thriller +suspense’s fans for ages. Honestly, I still find it to be outstanding every time I watch it again.

The prequel of The Thing is the story happened in the Norwegian’s base in Antarctica before the thing meeting its nemesis – Macready.  What exactly happened after the Norwegian scientists uncovered the buried UFO? The question is baffling.

How did the Norwegian scientists discover the crashed UFO in the middle of Antarctica? When? What research is they doing when they discovered the crashed UFO? Are Macready’s presumptions about the finding proved to be true? What is really going on in the Norwegian Base after they excavating on the site and retrieved the hibernating impersonating cells?

One thing for sure, in the remotest part of the earth, in the whiteout situation, in the research’s base with human and the extraterrestrial who is still resilient after ages, the battle is unfathomable!

The gory and special effects on the thing in the debut movie have makes an impression. Honestly, I still feel the visual effects of the movie to be stunning and scarily eerie. The dog split into half with the octopus veins stretching out from the body of the dog is too unforgettable. The special visual effect in this movie is making me looking forward to see more stunning and superb effects.

Other than that, the story lines itself has also makes me wondered. Before killing everyone at the Norwegian’s base and reached the US base, what is the transformation of the creature?

It is said that the actors and actresses are speaking Norwegian in this coming movie. Either it is true or not, the sneak preview looks absolutely heart gripping.

Word for advice, be aware of everyone around you. They could be the master of survive and disguise which find a way out of the frozen land of Antarctica and into the civilized world. If not, hold on to your seat. You’ll never know what Antarctica could offer!

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