Know More About Digital Video Recorder or Dvr

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Digital video recorder or commonly known as DVR is the newest and one of the most amazing technology developed today. It was the replacement in the VCR or video Cassette recorder.  DVR are commonly used to record several TV shows simultaneous and save it in its internal storage.  You can view recorded in videos save in DVR.

How DVR work? DVR has an internal hard drive storage or hard disk where it stores the recorded video. Nowadays many DVR’s can support up to 1 terabyte to 1.5 terabyte hard disk. It will save a lot of recorded videos.  DVR can record, store and replay recorded videos from TV.  DVR input signal or video input usually ranges from 4 channels to 36 channels.  DVR having an output of ordinary VGA monitor. DVR package includes DVR with hard disk, remote control, mouse and manuals on how to use.

There are many type of DVR, here are some of the most popular DVR, the stand alone DVR, the PCI card. Stand alone DVR functions in its own no need another machine to record the videos while PCIE card DVRs needs a computer to record and store its videos.

Nowadays DVR are used in security purposes.  DVR use to record the videos from security cameras. CCTV or closed circuit television was more updated and hi tech by the use of DVR. Cameras connected to DVR and the DVR recorded these videos that the cameras captures, DVR allows you to record all the cameras 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Recorded videos stored depend on the capacity of the DVR hard drive storage. DVR automatically overwrite the old videos if it was already disk full. You can also connect the DVR online and view the recorded and live CCTV camera videos online.

Here are some factors to consider in purchasing a DVR.

  1. Number of input video channels. You must choose how many channels you want to connect to the DVR.

  2. Capacity of hard drive can support. Old models of DVR cannot support large capacities of hard disk. There will be a power shortage problem in the DVR cause large capacity hard disk requires large amount of power input.

  3. Can support online streaming. Most of the new models of DVR’s today can support online connection.


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