How to Add New User in Windows 7 Computer

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Before adding new user your must first understand what is a user profile. User profile is the identity of the user in a specific computer. You can add several users in one computer and every user have their own profile, documents, applications such as e-mails clients and passwords.

What are the kinds of users? There are 2 kinds of computers user, the administrator account and standard user. Administrator user has the full or complete access in all user accounts and modifies the settings and password of all the users of the computer. Standard users can access and use the applications and set-up some but not all the settings of the computers and others users. Simply means standard users have limited access in the computer and application settings.

Know the User Restrictions and Setting Passwords. Passwords are set by the user individually, every users has its own log-in name and password that can be set upon creating the user account. Only the administrator has the rights and access to create new user accounts and modifying the user accounts passwords. Standard users have no access in creating new user accounts. To modify the password you must logon as an administrator account, go to  your computer control panel. Select User Accounts and Family Safety. Click on User Accounts. Then change user password.

How to create a new user profile. You can create new user profile by logging also as an administrator or user that has an administrator access. Navigate to your control panel select User accounts and Family safety. Click add and remove user accounts. And click new account. Enter the user account name and password. Select whether you want it as an administrator or standard user.

Can I access the documents of another user? Every user accounts have its individual document folders, for example I have three user accounts in my computer, user1, user2, and user 3. Your computer automatically creates new folders documents for these three users for example, user1’s Documents, user2’s documents, user3’s documents and so on. Note that only administrator accounts has the permission to access all the documents of all the users. Standard users cannot access the documents of the other standard users and administrator users. For example user1 only has an administrator account and the other 2 users has standard user account user 1 can access the documents of user2 and 3 but user 2 and 3 has no access in the documents of user1 the same as user 3 cannot access the documents on user1 and 2 the same with user 2.

Shared documents. Shared documents folder is the public folder that all user accounts can access even the standard user can access, modify add and delete the file into it. It is the common folder of all the users in the computer.


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