Interactive Marketing And 2D Technology

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Taylor is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States.
We are a premier provider of powerful and intuitive products, services and expertise—this includes the interactive, printing and marketing solutions that have helped build some of the world’s most popular brands. It also includes strategic business thinking that saves money and creates value.
Everything we do begins with identifying the unique priorities and needs of our partners, and crafting one-of-a-kind solutions.
Taylor has been a longtime partner to strategic resellers, especially office product super stores, enabling them to provide business identity programs and materials to customers in-store and online.

That’s been a great solution for servicing smaller accounts. But what about those medium to large sized accounts? Those growing companies that are placing frequent orders, and would appreciate heightened convenience and control? That’s where Taylor’s business identity program comes in.

Taylor enables our resellers to give medium and large sized accounts what they really need. And as a result, those relationships are able to grow—with a minimum of effort from the reseller. Taylor handles nearly the entire program, start to finish.

At its heart, Taylor has created a program with a secure site that’s integrated with the reseller’s, for a seamless, sophisticated user experience. It’s created with the end user’s most frequently purchased templates and as many products as needed to give them the control they want. These end users can go online any time of the day or night and place an order, with a best-in-class result.

The buying habits of these larger users might start out being focused on traditional core business identity products, but we have found our electronic ordering tools act as an excellent gateway for other printing work, such as presentation folders, labels, and thousands of other potential products. The breadth of the Taylor organization means that our strategic resellers can provide offerings that go far beyond the norm, with stamps, signs, badges, high end printing, promotional products, forms—Taylor has more product categories than most companies have SKUs.

And this breadth creates tremendous value and convenience for that end user, in terms of consolidating vendors and working with one reseller supplier.

Another key aspect of Taylor’s business identity program is that it is collaborative in that our team goes out and trains our strategic resellers’ reps on how to sell it, and does side by side selling to help ensure their success -in other words a turnkey program selling solution. We help them target specific verticals and even provide case studies, marketing materials, and other sales tools.

After the initial contact and sale is made by our reseller with the end customer, we also have a dedicated team behind the sale, of product and program specialist that can work with the end user to help them through the process, and set up their site the way they prefer.

Basically, we put the whole thing together, providing the sales execution and the operational execution, minimizing the effort for the reseller. The reseller can focus on building the end customer relationship, and we focus on the execution of the program.

An offering like this helps our strategic reseller partners differentiate from their competitors, especially in the eyes of their larger customers, and it makes life easier for end users who order with more frequency. Taylor’s solution fits right into that frequent-ordering mindset—it’s a vehicle to accommodate that.

At the same time, our reseller partners are providing value by enabling their end users to consolidate their number of vendors through one go-to location.

Even in a recession, it’s been one of the fastest growing parts of many of our resellers’ print programs.

In short, Taylor’s business identity program takes best-in-class printing and surrounds it with excellent user-facing technology. We add in the tools and training for selling as well as world-class back end support. Add to that Taylor’s breadth of offerings, and nobody touches this.


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