Why is Sex Trafficking on The Increase?

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Globalization and fast communication have made promoting sex trafficking at the maximum level. Morality of the whole world is corrupted at every level, blunting the world conscience. Commercialism and consumerism are exploiting the ever-growing economic woes of the marginalized to their selfish profit motives.

Unsteady politics, rising inflation, low economic growth and conflicts within communities are forcing the marginalized into sex trafficking.

The problem of increase in the number of women, boys and girls and men being trafficked for multiple forms of exploitation should make every human conscience to think of possible solutions to check this destructive menace.

The prevention protocol

The Trafficking Protocol adopted by the United Nations in Palermo, Italy in 2000, prevents trafficking persons, especially women and children. The international legal agreement attached to the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, also has insists preventing such mishaps, especially women and children. But the increase in this trafficking is a threat to the morality of the whole world. It is enjoying a boosted growth in South Asia, leading the world into moral decay and health hazards such as HIV infection, STD diseases, etc. This sex trafficking is spreading of in this region at a shocking speed which is fuelling the spread of HIV infection in South Asia, posing a unique and serious threat to community health, poverty alleviation and other crucial aspects of human development. What are the reasons that promote sex trafficking in this region?

We are not bothered here about which countries are more affected, but let us focus our attention to the reasons for this accursed social evil.

Reasons for sex trafficking in South Asia

1) Though there are many factors that are causing easy sex trafficking in this region, globalization opening the gates to the culprits is the main reason for promoting it easily. It has encouraged free and easy mobility of capital, technology and sex trafficking in the name of sex tourism.

2) Economic and social inequalities and political conflicts that prevail in the South Asian region have led to the movement of persons within each country and across the borders. Innocents are victimized through false promises of marriage, employment, education, or an overall better life. But, in the end, traffickers force the victims to become prostitutes or work in the sex industry in unredeemable circumstances.

3) It is sad to note that sex tourism is flourishing in these countries just to promote sex trafficking. Sex tourism has become a common sex industry which includes prostitution, dancing in strip clubs, performing in pornographic films and pornography, and other forms of involuntary servitude. Thousands of girls and women aging from 12 to 30 work in cabins, dance restaurants and massage parlors.

 4) Illiteracy, dependency, violence, social stigma based on caste and creed, cultural stereotypes, gender disparity and endemic poverty, among other factors that place women and children in powerless forcing them to resort to surrender everything, including sex, for their survival. The victims of sex trafficking, most of the time, are innocent and ignorant people at a downtrodden level of the society. They are threatened by the underground antisocial elements.

5) The cruel agents of this evil trade do not hesitate to use threat or force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability to meet their ends. They have strong underground mafia groups which have political and social influence.

6) Individuals most affected by these traffickers include homeless individuals, runaway teens, abandoned women and children, displaced homemakers, refugees, and drug addicts, etc. Forced marriage and involuntary servitude as domestic servants are also main reasons for sex trafficking.

7) Superstitious ideas in some places of these countries, where women and female children are considered ill omen or burden to families are neglected and are even sold to such antisocial elements.

8) Traditional beliefs or customs such as “Devadasi system” leads to an easy sex trafficking. Dowry system, female infanticide or other reasons for sex trafficking.

9) More recently, trafficking has become an increasingly multilateral cross-border phenomenon associated with organized criminal groups. They are fuelled by poverty, unemployment, out migration, modernization, and urbanization.

10) It is very unfortunate that media today promotes sex trafficking for their selfish profits.  As stated by Alex Riley and Adam Boome, reporters of BBC, today’s success of super brands is fuelled by sex, religion and gossip. Tourist resorts of the east as well as the west are well-known in the world as easy and cheap sources of young boys and girls. One can find names and addresses of agents and children in publications, particularly in some gay and sex magazines.

Sex trafficking is nothing less than slavery which has become the shame of modern world. World has to act very prudently to put an end to the emergence and breeding of this cavernous problem of sex trafficking in the entire world.


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