Attracts 9 Million 3G Users In Four Months

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This Number has special significance in the fact that to date there are only 11 million cable broadband customers.

Bharti Airtel lead 3G race has 3 million active subscribers followed by Tata DoCoMo has 1.5 million subscribers. BSNL, Idea Cellular and Vodafone have a million 3G subscribers each. Reliance Communications is reluctant to reveal the numbers, but reliable sources have revealed that it was also nearly one million subscribers.

Despite the poor quality of customer service, the numbers are clearly rising. This may be due to the initial interest caused by the greater number of companies, or the installation of several promised a 3G enabled phone. “The first trend clearly shows that 3G is to boost uptake of broadband in the country. Wireless is the way forward,” said Alok Shende, principal analyst Ascentius Consulting. Even if the 3G offers data speeds of 500-600 kbps, customers across the country are struggling with frequent call drops, connectivity and speeds are not uniform mixed. “There is no excuse for operators offer a poor 3G connectivity and technology is available to them. The initial uptake shows that there is a huge pent up demand for broadband and operators must seize this opportunity.

At the moment, do not even have a marketing staff to high-end consumers, who are already a 3G mobile phone, “said Mr. Kunal Bajaj director of technology consulting firm Analysys Mason. Moreover, the high cost of roaming, In any case, some operators have even R 15 / MB of downloaded data, even if the user is roaming on the same network.

Operators denied reports that these are only teething problems and will soon reach the goal of 100 million 3G subscribers, until 2015, if analysts believed. Shireesh M. Joshi, director of marketing for mobile services, Bharti Airtel, said. “The initial reaction from customers has been extraordinary – but we believe that the revolution has just begun the game changes for the differentiation of 3G in India content and services rather than price.”

The 3G revolution is here to stay, and over time, now the teething problems will soon be eradicated, and customers have the ultimate pleasure to ensure that the numeric operators.

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