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Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr + has taken a different approach to their first tablet. As the playbook Blackberry screen is seven inches, which immediately makes a more portable and only 122 mm wide, which can easily slip into a pocket. This format also allows you to hold it comfortably with one hand.

Construction will follow the same unibody design of the range handset from HTC, but this time with accents of white. SIM card slot is the top, although we found a white cap difficult to remove the lid and the bottom was a bit ‘wobbly. Located on the power button and 3.5 mm, one side of the volume control. HTC uses its own port charging base and, unlike tablets honeycomb to download the program from USB.

Solid instead of buttons, touch the host, Back and Forward buttons in the menu down, turn the switch on the tablet in a vertical position, but can not use in any direction.

Flyer HTC: Android

When HTC announced that Android would Flyer 2.3.3, we were surprised – surely it makes sense to run the latest version of the tablet optimized user interface for Google?

But this is not vanilla, Android. Instead, it works HTC Sense 2.1 (not 3.0 as a dual-core Sensation, unfortunately), which is specifically optimized for tablets. Thus, even if it seems a great smart phone, smartphone, does not seem to use – unlike the first Samsung Galaxy Tab

It is not a slick 3D carousel homescreens you can browse, even if the widget, such as the flow my friend, contacts and messages are designed to fit a big screen, and most of the changes observed when the flap is the Flyer horizontal direction.

In Mail, you can display a double-pane mail view a list of messages to the left and the email content to the right. However, the confusing array of buttons, which means it is not as intuitive as the honeycomb Mail application that intelligently controls the change.

Contact can also double-pane view in the horizontal direction, displaying other contact information, such as Twitter and Facebook right. You still get the HTC Streaming social networking widget Displaying Twitter and Facebook friends, feeds on the left, make comments on the right.

It is certainly easy to use, moving to see the notifications and quick setup and a background in the bottom of the screen are the options for this application, notes, DVD, watches and custom. Release of four applications of the lock screen by simply dragging them into the circle.

HTC Flyer desperately need some of the key elements of the Android 3.0 honeycomb, like the YouTube application on the wall, excellent 3D and the ability to drag and drop applications and shortcuts on screens

HTC has included a single point of dual-core processor, but we never found the device slow to load web pages. Indeed, in common usage it is smooth and quick to use. On board Flash is also welcome.

Without a chip doubles heart will not be able to access the range of games available for the tablets as Xoom Motorola. HTC solution is to include the service tag OnLive games. It has not started yet, but when it does you can play games like Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Harry Potter Lego.

HTC Flyer: Screen

The share Flyer screen resolution as Blackberry Play Book, and playing a selection of HD clips, motion was smooth and natural colors, but we noticed blacks and whites are not as clean as the second seven-inch IPAD is a good size for watching movies comfortably well. off-angle viewing is OK, and visibility is not so bad in the sun.

Flyer HTC: HTC Scribe

One of the main differences of the Flyer is its compatibility with a pen. Curiously, this does not come with the unit and have an additional cost of £ 40 (through Amazon). Enter the pen mode at any time by clicking the green icon. You can either write notes or take a screenshot.

The pen is compatible with some applications, including the notes, which has been specially optimized for it. Besides taking notes, you can also record an audio track at the same time, when finished, click the note and it automatically switches to the appropriate part of the audio track. We have tried to take notes while watching the apprentice and works well, although the withdrawal of the pen is audible.

Surprisingly, written after the pen is mightier than we thought was very slow to use, despite the choice of several types of variable thickness pen, but others who have tried the pen on the flyer found it very easy to use, it is very personal preferences. Be warned, it is very accurate so bad writing can not hide.

The pen does not work like a pencil, so to celebrate our natural instinct is to use it to touch the screen to access menu commands, when in fact it uses the finger. Two buttons on the stylus, you can delete and highlight the text, even if you work in the unit compatible programs, Polaris Office and PDF Viewer.

Sign Evernote account and you can save notes in the cloud and connect via a laptop or mp3 player.

As we have mentioned in some applications you touch the screen to take a screenshot, you can either email or upload on social networking sites, adds a note if you wish. Being able to e-mail, Web pages with commentary is useful, make sure you do not end up taking screenshots accident.

HTC Flyer: Chamber

HTC Flyer has a 5 megapixel camera primary, which is bad. Touch the screen to the autofocus is a big bonus, even if the information is very soft, a little definition, especially at wide angles. Things get better close-up shots, however, that much is clear.

There is a good selection of tweakable features, including ISO, white balance and exposure compensation, with filters HTC: Distortion, Vignette and Vintage.

The rear camera 720p movies at 30fps, but while the case is smooth, it is very mild, it falls to the VGA input and the quality improved dramatically. We were disappointed with the quality HD video of a couple of HTC products and this is no exception.

HTC Flyer: View HTC

HTC Watch is a new video download service, which allows you to download movies and TV shows. The selection is limited at the moment and not a lot of new titles, but expect to pay £ 9.99 to £ 2.49 and buy a movie rental. It ‘s a shame there is no HDMI or DLNA and play movies on a plate, the tablet features to which we are accustomed to, like you, and Apple’s iPad airplay.

HTC Flyer: Battery

WiFi on and screen brightness automatically, we use five hours, four hours or so of movie playback and an hour of usage, such as navigation. With a lot of downloads, it is able to reduce.

HTC Flyer: Verdict

There are certain things we like about the ring: the high quality of construction, size, performance and HTC Sense is smooth and efficient. sure sense of missing features honeycomb, but it is probably easier to navigate. The Flyer is not a multimedia powerhouse, but if you’re primary use of the tablet is the browser, it plays video and take notes, the 1.5 GHz processor is more than enough. Add to that the transfer of seven-inch screen and too many people Flyer will be the perfect pad.

What makes it unique Flyer Pen, who is virtually sure to add a new dimension to use the tablet. But we are opposed to an extra £ 40 price of a pen, especially when you pay the huge £ 599 and the 32GB 3G version of the tablet. Maybe it’s just € 20 more than the same specified iPad 2, but the tablet from Apple is the entry point of € 399, the only alternative version of the Flyer to pay £ 479 and 16GB WiFi. This is £ 100 plus the transformer pad Asus Eee, which is bigger, better screen, faster processor and acts as a honeycomb.

HTC Flyer Price: £ 599 3G, 32GB, 16GB £ 479 WiFi


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