How to Search For The Cheapest Price For an Item on Ebay

Ebay is one of the most popular sites you can buy from and use to search for deals on iteams you need. Many of us struggle in this economic time and for most of us anything that can help we will take! Creating an account takes minutes and the rest of this process is a cake walk. A walk to a sucessful and prideful purchases you can consider a garantuee if you do your research right!

1: At you will may begin my logging into your account (which I presume you have, and if you don’t now is the time to get one!- Its simple and quick just follow the directions on the site during registration.)

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    Option 1: Find ANY price for the product your looking for first. (At the top of the eBay site there is a text box next to the category box and search button. There you will want to type a detailed but few keywords to describe your item. For example if your looking for a specific product, like a textbook try typing in the ISBN number.)

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    Click on the item your planning on buying (don’t worry about the price yet). And then click watch this item underneath the price of the item in the products web page.

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    Go back to your My eBay page and scroll down to your item.

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    Next to your item will be a bid now or buy it now, click on the ARROW next to this phrase. There you will see the words find similar items. Click on that and your set. You will get a lot more choices and hopefully a cheap one!

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    * Remember you can always use the eBay features page that offer to sort all the possible items generated from your keywords to your preference! You can do this with the Refine search, on the left of your search. Where you are able to choose a price range. Or the sort by button on the right on top of the first item found and click sort by lowest price to highest.


    *  If waiting for shipping is a problem remember to choose US only under preferences (location- US). On the left underneath the refine search section.


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