Interested in The Business of Meet Curing ? Know How Techniques to Make it Homemade.

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The art of meat curing is not just a commercial purpose only.  It has been used on homemade meat. Therefore, before you can officially start the process of curing the meat, you should be prepared with the materials and ingredients needed.

These are few things you need before you start up.

  1. You require either a stainless steel or synthetic container. The size depends upon the portion of meat and the amount of mixtures the meat will be soaked and you should get the idea.  Remember stainless steel is quite important because other materials and steels might have reactions ruining the process and the meat itself. So cooking synthetic container and stainless steel container is the right choice for the process.

  2. Next you require a clean environment when curing meat. Because it will prevent the unconditional growth of bacteria and micro organisms. When you get the hand of it, you will find it very simple and easy. 

Indeed, meet is much more flavorful than purchasing those flavored meat at market.    It is not expensive to do it on your own and cured homemade meat can last longer than those store bought meat.  Another advantage of homemade meat is that when you found it little salty, you can soak it in filtered water for a period of about few hours in the refrigerator.

Alright, now back to the ingredients.    The first is the meat itself. Go to butcher shop and ask for fresh meat. When intending for curing it you can buy a larger amount so that you can enjoy it latter also. Next is to ask for pink curing salt from the butcher for the process. Pink salt is a mixture of salt and it is colored pink to differentiate it from natural salt. Once these items are available, you are ready to start!

 The next step is the duration of the process.

For each inch of breadth of the meat, it takes around seven days for the meat curing. For the whole duration of the curing period, the temperature of the place where the meat is should be at the range of 32 to 40 degree of Fahrenheit. This is to ensure that the salt can pass through to the inner part of the meat. The curing period is very crucial as everything will go off the mark if you do not follow the time frame. If you cut short of the time, there is the possibility of destroying the meat whereas if you extend the curing period, your meat might become too salty. Therefore, it is an art, the whole thing of meat curing. After the curing process, keep it under the refrigerator or some cold places to dehydrate the meat and to ensure that the salt is evenly spread throughout the meat. Keep the meat for a few days.

The next step is the use of plastic bag during processing.

Plastic bag is a better way to pack the cured meat.  It is more hygienic compared to other methods. Therefore, it is better and advisable to follow the above method to cure meat and just use the plastic bags for packaging purpose.

The last or fourth step is to know about meat curing is on how the supermarkets perform the task.

Well, it is the technology by which we got the curing process becomes simpler creating options for more choices in the tasting department. What the supermarket does is the process of inserting salt water solution instead of soaking it in salt water solution. So its taste enhances than that of ordinary homemade cured meat.  This process generates more revenue for commercial companies and increases its productivity due to less production time. Usually, this kind of meat last for about a month. Generally, how long the treated meats can last is very dependent on the amount of salt used during the curing process. The more salt and nitrates or nitrites are used, the longer it can last. Of course, the taste of the products is also dependent of the amount of curing agents used.

Though we get refrigerator is an alternative to meat curing but still in terms of flavor and tenderness it is more preferable than the untreated one. 

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