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Names are precious. We get a name when we are born. When businesses are created they get a name too. When someone uses it aside of the business it’s called business ID theft. Business ID theft hurts not only the business that took decades to grow and be trusted it hurts the world too. Without business we’d have no jobs. Without jobs no taxes. No taxes no government. This is why when you’re attacked in cyber space too by business ID theft there is help for you. The Federal Trade Commission at their site has very helpful articles and steps for you to do when victimized. Online there is or anti-phishing working group that’s here to help you as well. Today we have new groups springing up to help communities against business ID theft: ITPA, Identity Theft Protection Association and ITC, Identity Theft Council. The Federal Trade Commission has lots of help and information for business people victimized of business ID theft and is a good place to begin with when victimized with business id theft. To report cyber attacks such as business id theft in cyber space contact as soon as possible. prefers victims  to report the crime to police also.

Some articles about business id theft:

Luckily today there is much help from the strangest crime to ever hit the world business id theft. Federal Trade Commission or online has much to help businesses to “Detect, Deter and Defend” our business. They always have something new, added new information or surf the www for new information, support groups, anti-crime units to help you the right way. Identity Theft Protection Association (, ITC Identity Theft Council ( or ID Theft Victim’s Support Group of North America. Don’t go it alone or expect your security forces to solve it. Get help and support quickly plus consult your attorney too. Laws have changed concerning data breaches or data theft that the thief caused. No one in their right mind looks for information in your data bases.  Don’t panic get help and information:

  • Federal Trade Commission site “Fight Back Against Identity Theft”. In their Business tab there is help and information for data breaches too!

  • Bureau of Consumer Protection Business Center has “Information Compromise and the Risk of Identity Theft: Guidance For Your Business“.  This is from site. Lots more helpful information for your specific situation. If you don’t find the exact information to help you contact the police or FBI or Federal Trade Commission personally and see if they can help you even more.

  • Restaurants have this great site to get started with from Allied Insurance.

  • National Crime Prevention Council has a very helpful site to go to for help.

  • “ID Theft Red Flag Rules: How To Help Business Comply. Auto Dealers, Morgage Brokers, Utility Co.’s are among non-ranking entities that must comply by 11/1” by Linda McGlasson managing Editor of These rules are added laws too. Many new laws to keep up with.

  • Internet Crime Complaint

  • Identity Theft and Your Tax Records by
  • Beaverton Police Department has a great site and brochures to help you. “ID Theft and Fraud Victim’s Assistance Program”. Check in your community if your police department has similar programs too for new programs always pop up in the future.  

  • Fraud Research Institute has a wonderful site for victims to help you on the road of recovery:  Identity theft is still theft whether it’s your business or your individual identity that has been attacked. is an important site to keep grounded.

  • FBI has to fight computer criminals.

  • Better Business Bureau on business id theft:

October is Crime Prevention Month

From the National Crime Prevention Council we have annually in October National Crime Prevention Month. Check for your State’s National Crime Prevention Council’s events. President Obama helping to fight ID theft. “Obama Administration Plan Internet ID by Dovell Bonnett.

Some people believe we should be proactive when it comes to protecting our businesses. There are legal plans, insurance and business ID protection plans available for us to scrutinize.

It can get confusing choosing the right fit of different protection plans available for us today. has a site about different identity theft plans that are available today.

Other sites giving comparisons about id theft protection plans:

The Consumer Federation of America has some helpful tips for the buyer of any kind of id protection plans.

Other Articles To Help US From Business ID Theft

  • “Identity Theft and Legal Help” by Jake Stroup.
  • “Cyberattack will be seen as war” by David E. Sanger and Elisabeth Bumiller of the New York Times. This article just came out and I believe this is great! If the political arena had more input from communities about what is going on at brick and mortar situations then we’d be safer too! Participation is easy… and your local and national political elected official’s web sites is easily accessible. If you don’t know who is elected just search it and you’ll find that the elected officials are ready to help you aside of the police and FBI you’ve got the retired elected officials and the elected political officials ready, willing and able to help you too!

New Tools To Fight ID Theft:

Luckily we are a nations of survivors and we come up with all sorts of new things to combat what ails us. One new tool is I’ve read two articles “New Tool To Fight Identity Theft” by Consumer Man at or Herb Weisbaum and “Identity Theft: Identity Fraud Risk Management” Author:  Max 5/20/2009 from

Recoup From Business ID Theft

In our great nation there are ways to recoup from business id theft. Whether the theft occurred with a bogus credit card, bad check or at gun point theft is theft. Theft is a loss. This way you can recoup from your theft loss and carry on your business. You’ll be in the black before you know it! Merchandise stolen with a credit card purchase is an elaborate way of stealing your merchandise. Don’t be afraid to report crime when it happens and get your reference numbers for your tax reports. You don’t have to go to court to recoup from another innocent victim like yourself. This is one of the biggest reason to report crime as the Federal Trade Commission expects you to report being victimized of business id theft or any id theft situation. Individuals as well as businesses can recoup and keep safe and sane during and after being victimized. Today you’ve options for your business to get insurance or id protection plans too!Insurance companies who insure your business have theft coverage as well as fire damage coverage. Check with your insurance agents if your coverages extend to business id theft coverages.

There is international  help for you too:

  • CIFAS the UK Fraud Prevention Service. They have information about how to handle data breaches.
  • FDIC or Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has a site about fraud.
  • for filing complaints with the when you’re outsied the U.S.

Business worldwide can have the peace of mind of another day of business forever. We have lived through storms, floods, tsunamis, hail storms, tornadoes and we will live through being victimized of business id theft too. Federal Trade Commission has the latest “10 Things YOU can do to Avoid Fraud” brochure found in the library passport dept. while supplies last or visiting site with it’s many tabs materials to help us “Deter, Detect and Defend” our businesses.

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