Juan Pollo Chicken Restaurant Review

Juan Pollo is a fast food restaurant chain based in Southern California specializing in rotisserie and broiled chicken Mexican style. Their restaurants are primarily located in San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange County and Coachella. Their flamed broiled chicken are broiled in open flame for three hours.

DECOR: Juan Pollo is a hole on the wall with mis-matched furniture, poorly lighted with no specific decor theme.

FOOD: The restaurants of Juan Pollo may be a hole on the wall but their Mexican style rotisserie chicken is a winner. Don’t be fooled by the rough exterior. It is the best tasting chicken I ever had. I had the half chicken which came with tortillas, salsa and ordered a cup rice on the side. The chicken is very juicy, tender with so much flavor and the skin is very crispy. The meat falls off the bones. It is broiled to perfection. The salsa is great (ordered the spicy salsa), the rice is passable.

I had a burrito to go. It is a little bit dry but the salsa made it better.

Besides whole chicken, they also have soft chicken taco, bean and cheese burrito, and chicken salad (it has lettuce, cheese, tomato, shredded chicken, salsa and dressing) . For their sides, chicken tostada, rice (rice, chicken bits, green onion and seasoning), beans, potato salad and corn on the cub.

They do catering and party packs are also available. You can order whole chickens to go with sides included.

STAFF: The staff of their Upland location (along Foothill Blvd) are very friendly and extremely fast.

PRICE: The price is dirt cheap with big portions. Their very affordable lunch and dinner specials comes with chicken, sides and drink.

CLEANLINESS: Their restaurant is generally clean with letter grade of “A” from the state of California. Other than the graffiti, their men’s room is clean with soap, paper towels and warm water.

Their rotisserie chicken is highly recommended, you will definitely get hooked. This is the best place for flamed broiled, rotisserie chicken. The chicken is what gives this place all of it’s stars, it doesn’t have that commercial and mass produced taste.

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