GE Monogram Cook Tops

Monogram Collection of appliances from General Electric offer top grade reliability and visual attraction. GE or General Electric is a famous brand, and a safe option for appliances. With this in mind let us see the machine which every kitchen must have…the cook top.

You can get GE Monogram cook tops in gas as well as electric variety. The gas burner is run on liquid or natural propane gas or if you prefer electric run model take that instead. Both of them provide you enough heat to cook all kinds of food.

An important feature of the GE Monogram cook top is exact and powerful burners. The burners use 2 flames to give a range of temperatures to select from. You can set the burner to a low of 500 BTU power to simmer liquids or heat food. While during full power, it can reach 17000 BTU.

GE Monogram cook top offers one more distinctive feature in the form of reversible grates. One part of the grates is flat, which is useful for pans and pots and on the other side it has contoured surface especially designed for woks.

The indoor grill adds to the flexibility of the GE Monogram cook top. It has been rounded and grooved for usefulness and lets you grill meat flawlessly while indoors. This helps you cook various different dishes which you may not be able to do in a regular cook top.

First-rate cast iron is used to make the cook top and a durable performance is guaranteed with the top grade metal. The grates have been built solidly and can be used in the dishwasher. Even with repeated use the grill won’t deteriorate as it is made with stainless steel. It may get messy sometimes; it is worth the benefits in cooking power as well as home decoration.

It is much easier to clean the GE Monogram cook top. You have 2 detachable drip dishes beneath the appliance and the splash under the burners have been coated to avoid wearing of the metal when it is cleaned.

You home décor becomes unique with the GE Monogram cook top. The cook top is aesthetically appealing with chic with soft metallic finish. It will add to the beauty of your kitchen and you also have the option to personalize the cook top by including a backsplash which will avert spills while looking smart.

Cook tops especially from the GE Monogram Collection offer the looks and quality you want in your kitchen. They are among the best available today which is expected from the famous GE brand. You can’t go wrong with the Monogram Collection from GE.

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