Louis Vuitton Monogram Miroir Collection

Louis Vuitton is well known for fashionable French products. They have numerous accessories from chic handbags to designer sunglasses…the collection is highly respected in the world of fashion. It is a very popular brand and the monogram collection of Louis Vuitton was not designed only for style, but also to check counterfeits. It is paradoxical that the well known brand also has the maximum knockoffs. This tells us about the popularity of Louis Vuitton.

The 2006 winter collection from Louis Vuitton showcased the Monogram Miroir range of products. This collection adds a new dimension to the classic designs of bags such as Speedy 30 and Alma. All the Louis Vuitton Monogram Miroir items have a striking reflective silver or gold finish.

With an aim to craft designer trends rather than practicality all the items are aimed more towards the sophisticated. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Miroir collection is patronized by famous celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Paris Hilton. Many actresses and models have also allowed their image and name to be a part of advertisements. You can be sure that a product from the Monogram Miroir collection will make you feel like a celebrity is you are already one.

It is one of the older collections and you may not find many items of the Monogram Miroir collection from Louis Vuitton. In case you can find them they will be priced at thousands of dollars. You will have to pay a huge price as well as make sure that you do not get a duplicate product.

There are new collections which keep being launched but none of them can compare to the showy look of this spectacular Louis Vuitton collection. The gold edition offers a sparkling shine, and can be a little too expensive for people. You can pick the elegant silver one which can save some money and will also match with most outfits.

In case you are looking for high range particular handbag, you will find a couple in the Monogram Miroir collection. Pochette is the tiniest design which is sleek and compact and the silver as well as gold finish make it look like a mirror.

Keepall is what the name suggests as it lets you carry a lot of stuff comfortably and elegantly. It is the biggest handbag from Monogram Miroir. If you don’t have a special choice you can select a in between size, the Alma. It is very similar to Pochette but has a slightly different shape and a larger space for storage. Speedy handbag is more like the younger brother of Keepall and can hold almost as much as the Keepall and also comes in the same feel and shape.

Products from the Louis Vuitton Monogram Miroir collection are rare to find but it is possible to locate them with some effort. If you are able to get a piece be ready to pay a large sum.

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