Oreck XL Ultra Vacuum

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It is vital for people who suffer from allergy to control allergens in the house. There are many individuals who depend on Oreck XL Ultra. It is a hypo- allergenic vacuum which can clean dirt as well as allergens which are embedded in the floor or carpets. This machine can eliminate about 99.9% of all allergens. It has 2 bags which work together to make an excellent filtration system.

Among the best features of Oreck XL Ultra is that it locks debris and dirt inside the dust bag which can be disposed. Saniseal system which is patented keeps it in place which stops any kind of contamination. As the dust is locked you will not come close to dust which c ant escape. When the bag gets full, you just have to throw it and replace with a new one.

Oreck XL Ultra has a new design with bigger and more active wheels in the front, better edge brush and micro sweep technology. All these additions have improved edge cleaning of the carpet and the floors. You will find it easier to move the machine and the dirt is removed very well.

We all know that housework can be hectic and if we want the home to remain clean, it has to be vacuumed often. The Oreck XLUltra is 8 pounds in weight and has roller brushes which move at 6,500 RPM. The dirt including pet hair, pollen, dander, as well as dust and dust mites will be sucked at one go.

The XL Ultra is designed very well as can be fitted flat under the furniture when you want to store it. This is amongst the lightest full size machines which can easily be carried. The Oreck XL understands the carpet thickness and adjusts automatically. Exposed floors can be cleaned in minute with the Microsweep system.

Innovative technology integrated in Oreck XL Ultra has reduced heavy vacuum cleaners into a light, trim and convenient gadget. It comes with a contemporary 24 bar technology which makes it very quiet, powerful and long running.

XL Ultra’s 24 bar motor uses just one third electricity as compared to some other vacuum cleaners and it saves you a lot on energy in the long run. The performance of XL Ultra is excellent and equals 2 hurricanes at 102 MPH! It is one of the best kinds of suction the vacuum cleaner can offer.

Thread guard arrangement have been included in the roller brush and it can remove almost all the thread and hair which get tangled in the bearings. This brush has a roller made from hardwood maple which makes it more durable which can pick up about anything.

When you want a good vacuum cleaner, you can be sure that Oreck XL Ultra is a good option. It will do what you need and make it easier for you to do all your housework.


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