Auto Navigation Systems

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Technology is evolving continuously but one can say that there are a few devices which remain on the top as compared to others and this is true for auto navigation systems also. They all have their advantageous and no system can be said to be perfect for everyone, but some of them are always the best sellers.

It is vital for you as a buyer to know the auto navigational systems which are available before rushing and purchasing the first one you find. Some of them have very interesting features and buttons to attract your attention. You will be able to find a good auto navigation system if you know what you need as well as like.

Best Selling Auto Navigation System Models

Tom Tom ONE

Tom Tom ONE auto navigation system is one of the tiniest as well as a portable gadget. You don’t have to get confused by the size as Tom Tom is small but has very has numerous features. It comes with a preloaded atlas and you don’t have to add any other software for it to start working. There are 4 routing choices in Tom Tom ONE with various map views displayed on the screen. Tom Tom provides turn-by-turn instructions and will get you on the road quickly in case you miss the directions. In fact the Tom Tom ONE commercials are quite correct in the excellent features this tiny gadget offers.

Garmin Nuvi 660 Automotive GPS

This is amongst the most sophisticated auto navigation system available today, but then with the fast evolving technology, it may not be true tomorrow. At present this auto navigation system has all the paraphernalia which will attract you and you will want to get it for yourself. Keep in mind that it comes with a high price tag as it is one of the most complex devices. It also comes with navigation feature, Nuvi which has Bluetooth and you can get extra features on subscription.

Magellan RoadMate 2200T

This Portable Navigation System is a very popular model. Some of it is due to its versatility. It is small and can be used in site as well as the automobile. If you require driving directions you will have to buy an upgrade, but this unit is worth the money you spend with the upgrade. This effective gadget comes with more functions like a photo viewer and an MP3 player. It is possible to subscribe a service which will give you dependable updates on traffic as well as details about traffic jams and road construction. RoadMate can be used to tell you places of interest, fuel and food stops on the route.

All the auto navigation systems mentioned have features which set them apart from the other. There is a wide range of price and feature options in the devices and you can check them out according to your requirement. They are perhaps the finest auto navigation systems available and a good option to begin the search for an ideal auto navigation system.


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