Prairie Candle Company

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Prairie Candle Company is a 10 year old family owned business in the pastoral neighbourhood of Springfield in Colorado. The jar candles are popular in this region for being attractive, colourful, perfumed and with a long life. Prairie Candle Company is proud of the fact that it offers its clients top quality candles. The wax used by them is best quality and produces finest results.

Prairie Candle Company was established with some people’s fascination for candles. Nevertheless, it was disappointing initially that many of the candles got devoid of the smell very fast and did not light evenly. Due to their love for candles, they researched to come up with a product which did not smoke, burned consistently and till the bottom of the jar. This is how the Prairie candles evolved.

Prairie candles classic collection is available in five 5 sizes and thirty-six scents. You can pick from 4.5, 10, 10.5, 16 or 26 ounce size. There are some classic fragrances such as vanilla and cinnamon as well as original perfumes like cucumber, orange sherbet and melon. Every classic Prairie candle has a glass lid in pretty vibrant colours.

Red neck Prairie candle collection is for the cowboy kinds. They are available in tin cans which resemble a shoe polish can. The 6 ounce tins can be got in sixteen smells like cinnamon or Grizzly Breath and spring fever or Possum Porridge. Prairie Candle Companies unique creation is the cup and pail candle. You get 7 fragrances to pick from and one of them is cherry vanilla. They are coloured white and have a rustic look.

The 14 layered jar candles will fascinate you and they can be got in sixteen ounce jars. The perfumes have cream with orange sherbet and pralines with cream. In fact your friend will be confused believing that they will be presented with a tasty treat!

Prairie Candle Company also makes pillar candles in six sizes and fragrances. Cinfully vanilla is just great and you can select from the solid colour pillars or the multihued pieces. You will really appreciate the beauty of the pillar candles once you see the pictures.

You can make money in school with the Prairie candle collection as they offer a generous fundraiser program. The school will get 50 percent profit and this gives much more cash as compared to most other fundraisers. In case you want to earn additional money you can think of becoming a Prairie Candle Company wholesaler. You will get individual candle display area to showcase your products better. Get in touch with the company for more information on wholesale.

The Prairie Candle Company has several wonderful options in candles for the home or even for gifting. You are sure to enjoy all the patterns, colours as the perfumes of the Prairie candle collection. The company utilizes the finest supplies and candle making procedure to make sure that the candles you buy not only look wonderful but also burn for a long time. These candles can be bought from different retailers or from online stores.


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