How to Get More Traffic to Your Web Articles?

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We all know that earning money by submitting articles online is nothing new. We all know that it is plausible and many people are already doing it. Some of them even write online for a living. Writing articles is not difficult if you have both the knowledge and the flair to express what you are intending to share. The difficult part of earning with articles online is getting traffic.

Traffic on the Internet is everything. It is almost like a commodity in the Internet context. The amount the writer earns would be determined by the number of unique visits made to the articles. The question is really how we can get these much needed traffic and readerships. Many people thought that deploying their articles to paid to click websites would generates readerships. But people who had used this method would probably realized that paid to click is really not effective. The traffic is quantitative rather than qualitative. People there only wants to click to earn the stipulated amount rather than read your content.

Social bookmarking is one of the most effective way to get traffic to your web content. Although deploying the concept of Search Engine Optimisation would be the best way to get traffic from search engines, but it can be really difficult for most people to understand. I would personally recommend the most popular social bookmarking website, Digg. Expanding your network is important in Digg. It works on a brilliant collective concept of broadcasting. For example, if you submit for your article on Digg, it will appear on the main Digg page of the people in your network. If they are interested and clicked on your link, they will ‘Digg’ your article and this, will appear on the main Digg page of the people in their network. This process goes on and on. The bigger your network, the more traffic you will be getting to your articles. 

Previously, I do not understand the power of ‘Digg’. I only realized this recently when one of my written article were swarmed with visitors. Someone with large network found my submission interesting and Dugg on it. More traffic ensued. Thereafter, I decided to increase my network and started digging and following other users. My network has increased significantly and so did the traffic to my websites and articles.


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