A Gift of Technology For Fathers Day

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I am sure he appreciates the cologne or dress shirt you get him every Father’s Day. Why not break from the habit this year and gift him an electronic gift for this Father’s day?

It can be quite a challenge shopping for a Father’s day gift but here are some great ideas from Vonage which is a fast growing broadband phone service. Make your dad’s day high tech with these gifts!

·On the go entertainment – if your dad loves music, he will be thrilled to receive a MP3 player this Father’s day. The audio compression in these amazing devices will allow him to store hundreds and thousands of his favorite songs with CD like sound quality. Even while he rides to work or during workouts, he can still enjoy his favorite playlist.

·Movie mania – if he is really fond of watching movies, how about a portable DVD player for this Father’s Day? It can be plugged into your regular TV as well as be really handy on a long trip!

·Communication at low prices – for this Father’s day get your dad a broadband phone that allows him to stay connecting with friends and family. Vonage, among others, offers a regular phone service that relays your conversation over high speed internet connection.

This VoIP or voice over IP is a new technology that costs much lesser than a regular land line. With most services, you can call unlimited anywhere in the States and Canada for merely $25. To add to this, he will enjoy features like voicemail, call waiting, 3 way calling, caller ID, call forwarding and in network calling. Even the international calling rates on these phones are a competition to other providers.

Once signed up, dad will get a startup package that will include a free phone adapter. This can be used anywhere across the globe with a high speed internet connection and can be installed within 5 minutes!

·Fun gifts – I am sure you have gifted him numerous ties over the last so many Father’s days! Give him the ultimate gift for organizing this with a motorized tie rack. Just a touch of a button will glide his entire tie collection for him to easy select one! Talk of an organized closet…

·PDA – whether he uses it for work or fun, a PDA or personal digital assistant will always ensure dad is on schedule. Not merely personal organizers, today’s PDAs are a combo of fax, cell phone and internet making them the perfect gift for Father’s Day!


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