"the Curse" of Sacrifice The Series

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In this first part of this book i will explain the “Inner demon” of which most of the population has within them selves. The self portrait which is the projected outward is the one whom most of the public eye sees. I will explain by using one person as this example:

There’s a young lady whom lives in Kansas City who was molested from the ages of 6yrs -18yrs old. This kind of horror changes the perception of ones self image. That which was started by a cousin then advanced to two of her Uncles whom degraded her. Her self esteem went shattering through the floor. This opened new dark doors deep with in her soul.

 (psychic breach: let this next statement be in the back of your mind:

  How can you say ” I love you when you can’t or don’t love your self?”)

Now to continue with the subject at hand. This in turn caused her to make the wrong choices in men.(Abusers, Pimps, Molesters, and rapist) She knows that this isn’t Love. But these types of destructive behaviors which start from family members whom shown her this. They’ve threatened her to lock her up in a insane asylum. Also told her that no would ever believe her. Her mother told her ” that’s all you’ll be good for!”

(Train a child in his/her way and they will never stray!!!)

All these family members created a “Curse” or “Grudge” that will be passed down to the offspring, and their offspring ,and so on  so forth. To the 10th generation.

 (psychic breach: Yes… Awful it is. But it can be stopped.)

Now she’s 39 yrs of age with (3) children of her own. Two girls and (1) boy. The oldest child whim is a girl (16) call her mother all kinds of bitches, whores, and sometimes a cunt or two be mixed in there. She yells at her but mostly sits back and take the pain and bundle up in a corner and cry.

 (psychic breach: Yes.. to all the parents whom are reading this now.. I know she would be picking up her teeth and face off the floor.. I do hear you all. lets all calm down a bit.)

The middle child (boy) is in the care of foster parents cause of a recent out burst of a Manic attack and other problems dealing with anger. The youngest (girl)  has regressed back to the age of 3 where she’s whining all the time cause when she is told no to any thing. She doesn’t pick up after herself and leaves all kinds of crap all over the place (remember she is 8yrs old).

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