Sacrifice The Series Part 4

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You’re barking up the wrong tree.. Like the sun and moon is far beyond you so am I.

You are truly lambs lead to the slaughter. You speak on things with no knowledge, or a understanding of the person of whom your speaking about. It’s better to die by the hands of another than to die by my hand. Yes.. I’ve repeated this statement before.Your young and very foolish (25 yrs old) you’ve said ” I bet that “I” can smash him.” You are better off fighting a tiger who is hungry than tangle with me. Now to  the next young one whom the law is your religion ” not all things can be locked away (jail or prison). I’ve been and always will be here. It’s not “God” who hears you crying at night. It’s not “God” whom sees you cowering in the “dark” fearful of the things that go bump in the night. It’s best that you “shut” your mouth (ghetto version: bump your dick sucker!!! it’s better to show you than tell you.) or make threats with in your mind.. You think i can’t hear or see from a distance? Like i said before ” I’m every where and no where at the same time.” Many of you reading now are talking with in your minds making statements (comments) from a simplistic mind set. I’m beyond you like the sun and the moon. Those that are in my “good graces” stay there. You’re at the “cross roads” of life. “How do you make a cake?”  exactly…. you need eggs (evil grin). Your the eggs for the cake. “I” don’t care or give a damn what you say. So pick your battles wisely; your “God” that you pray too will not save you from my wrath. “when your in hell the only thing that can “help” you is the one whom rules that land.” So pick your thoughts wisely, and your battles. “I” will show you the value of your “choices” you truly don’t have a clue. 2+2 is what? Come if you dare my door stays open… Like wormy earth always welcome those whom chose wrongly (big evil grin and laughs softly).

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