Sacrifice The Series Part 3 of Completed Version

Here this lesson of host and parasitic union. in all forms” formations” of society there are leeches, ticks and of course fleas.

here that lays wait

surcoming of the blood flow

life reaches its course

time not lingering

people of the lost

sucking marrow freely

draining life

like leeches, and ticks

pigeons in human form

ticks of the lost society

vengeance of fire

here lambs lead to the slaughter

no understanding or Wisdome

look how the blood memories flow

angels with facades

true devils laying wait

sucking the life and good fortune from others.

There are different types of familiars 1: dog, cat, bird and so forth. to which your accustomed to now I will teach you all the human familiar which is so deemed”obsessed” the human familiar (i.e like the dog for example) these a type personalities are the same as your dog (Rex ,smoochie, Arie, etc.) this type of individuals need the same attention as your dog familiars. but be fore warned this lesson doesn’t end here. each and every one reading now this life’s lesson will complete your understanding.

Friendship is like a lovers relationship equal but with order. None of each disrespects the other; or allows outside members of different circles to disrespect. Friends don’t make other feel out of place. Nor let harm come too each other. A friends loyalty (like man’s best friend) will go into the deepest parts of hell’s… fire too bring you out. Like the dog always at  his/her masters side. What type of friend am I?!

Here you will choose to open your eyes. Friend 2 be called is a high honor. This type relationship is a 2 way street. Highly adored like new found love. I’ve seen young and old alike. Many has never understood this enigma. Love is pain. But it takes “the devil” to coin the phrase. Or so I’ve been …called countless of times. Through out the centuries, too teach all this truth. So tell me? Whom or what type am i? when you treat those whom are very close to you in a negative manner these (i.e. friends) will turn on you. Don’t take for granted that your familiars will be there no matter what. Self centeredness only brings doom and loneliness to those whom choose this course of life.

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