Origin of Sacrifice The Series

John leans into the middle of the table where both could hear him clearly.” James.. thanks for the seed money here is your part of payment of what i owe.” “So everything is going good John?” “yes… product is moving very well..” Hector setting back taking notes on the conversation and reading body languages between the both of them. The scene looked to him that James is the “head man” and John is “working” for him.

Now that the “game” is set and the (chess)pieces are positioned in place. John can move forward with the rest of his agenda. James invited them to many games, and his fame was becoming a “house hold” name.John planned on retiring on a remote Island in Indonesia which here purchased secretly. James kept “fronting” John seed money, and John tripled the money and gave James his small cuts for appearances. Which James not the wiser to the “game”. Now the next steps John calculated each gesture and thought to complete the last steps of his exit plan.

At this point Hector didn’t mind “fronting” John any product cause John always paid it back and plus some. John had built a very large organization which had plenty of workers to move product quickly. John introduced 2 of his major movers. Hector would chill with these two, and John also introduced them to James as well,and James took to them instantly.While every one thinking that James is the “shot caller” hector and the 2 “crash dummies” not the wiser of them being “sacrifices”.

James told Hector “whatever John needs to get things done give it to him i got you covered.” Delivery was made and distributed through John’s organization quickly. John’s profit made well over expected. The next weekend John arranged a get together at a different club Downtown Houston. The whole little group hung out. But James got more disrespectful towards James and Hector each day. But not to the other 2 of John’s “click”. John was hoped on this, and tonight he’d place his final piece to play and watch the trap shut down on all involved.

Read more: http://authspot.com/short-stories/sacrifice-the-series-the-completed-version-part-2-second-part/#ixzz1N066anMI

Read more: http://authspot.com/short-stories/sacrifice-the-series-the-completed-version-part-2-second-part/#ixzz1N05kLkwY

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