Sacrifice The Series "origin" Epilogue

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I want to take the time to share with you all the “make up” of “Sacrifice the series.” Books 1-3 you’ll find that I’m communicating to you 3 ways. The 1st of course is these printed words. The 2nd is subliminal and will have other darker hidden meanings or ” Morals to the story”; which will come in time to you all. But be fore warned now… “Look into the deep of the pool instead the shallow end.” Now finally the last of my communication to you all reading this epilogue is that I’m projecting Astrally. All my thoughts and visions of “Psychic breach” will be felt deep with in all you spirits, and souls. Displacement of time will occur during your sessions comprehending just this little paragraph. Now let’s begin.

I’m not here to condemn the bible. No. it’s a good book but not completed. It’s been broken by a king”James” to rule and control the populous. The Quron is also a good book  (also known as:Moses 5 opinions), also the Tora  ,Cabals book of light, Hindu,Buddhist, and even the Grand Gremoir. All these books speak of hell and the pit for those whom have done evil “in different degrees”. So let this seed take took of what I’m telling you now. Yashua (Jesus) told his disciples this ” All these miracles ye can do and greater(key word) yea can do.” So now let’s begin your training for you all…Now all have taught you the “right hand” of God. Here you’ll learn of the “left hand”… 

Here in this tangent of time. Your core beliefs will be challenged to the fullest extent. Here all your false teachings (incomplete training) teachings will be erased. In this type of “sacrifice” you will see many types of choices that lead many to their doom, and hollowed soulish bounds. All are given gifts. But here you all will learn of the true meaning of the “King Snake”. Scripes for years have misinterpreted and put in their understanding. But here the truth will be explained. The gifts that were given are free with out taking back. Now if you noticed time has gone by very quickly (time loss minor). This basic application of travel can be achieved through fundamentals of spiritual knowledge and strength. Slow your breathing and focus on my voice(i.e for those whom already know my voice continue

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