Roof Encapsulation: A Fast Alternative to Roof Renovation

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With rising costs and budgets becoming ever more stretched, the thought of undertaking a complete roof renovation would pose a major crisis for many households. Apart from the cost of having a new roof installed, the disruption and mess caused by roofing contractors would cause a significant and stressful domestic upheaval.
Introducing Roof Encapsulation
Why go for a complete roof replacement when there are products available on the market which will provide excellent roof protection and perform just as well as a new installation? The system works by means of a resilient polyurea-based spray which effectively seals the roof surface; forming a protective layer which will last for many years.
What makes this system so favourable is that virtually all the benefits associated with having a new roof are also accomplished with this process; in fact, some aspects of roof encapsulation are even more beneficial. For example, as well as providing durability, strength and superior waterproofing qualities, spraying with a material offering a high element of elasticity automatically fills any hidden cracks. Such repairs usually incur a high cost, especially on roofs which are traditionally slated, corrugated or tiled.
Not a cheap alternative
Roof encapsulation, therefore, may represent a much cheaper alternative to having a completely new roof installed, however the treatment is not an inferior option to full renovation. It presents a flexible, fast and long lasting solution which will in no way disrupt normal day to day household activities.
The problem with Asbestos
A key feature of this type of roof treatment is the way in which it can remedy the issues associated with asbestos. Although outlawed by government legislation in 1999, it is estimated that some 1.5 million domestic properties have some remaining asbestos content. The legacy of asbestos used in building materials means that up to 3000 deaths a year can still be attributed to the inhalation of asbestos fibres.
As with many areas of legislation, contractors have sought to exploit situations where the risk to public health is a concern. As a result, the removal of asbestos related materials has become a specialised and very expensive affair. Roof encapsulation, however, tackles the problem from a different angle by effectively ‘sealing in’ the asbestos so that fibres can no longer escape into the environment. Irrespective of whether waterproofing or the filling in of cracks is the objective, a process of this nature will form a fire proof; chemical resistant membrane which will ‘lock in’ asbestos for at least 25 years.
The benefits of roof encapsulation:
· Little, if any, household disruption
· Much less expensive than traditional roof renovation
· Suitable for most roof profiles
· Ideal solution for asbestos roofs
· Long lasting and durable product
· Waterproof, fireproof and chemical resistant


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