Sole Elliptical Trainer Review

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You will come across several elliptical trainer reviews, and most of them are about elliptical trainers used more commonly. Sole is not a very well known brand for elliptical trainers but you will surely see the name popping up in a number of elliptical trainer positive reviews. Mentioned here are some of the good reasons to buy a Sole elliptical trainer.

As you may not have read many reviews about Sole elliptical trainer, you may think that this new brand is trying to get into the market for fitness. In fact Sole has been around by offering treadmills to several of the top class hotels, including Hilton.

One main advantage of the Sole elliptical trainer is that the footpads have been well aligned. This is a vital feature as many times the body is thrown out of alignment while using the machine. Sole has got rid of this by manufacturing the footpads at an angle of 2 degrees inward. It is a simple but an effective position to decrease the chances of injuring the knees, back, hips or the ankles.

Many individuals may not have noticed the weight capacity of the elliptical trainer in the reviews. Most of them have a particular weight limit and Sole has considered this and has come with a machine which has a weight capacity of almost 400 pounds. This is very useful for people with obesity who want to work out on elliptical trainers but are unable to do because of the weight limitation. Maybe Sole elliptical trainer is the only machine with this kind of weight capacity and will help overweight individuals lose weight comfortably.

Sole elliptical trainer comes with one of the longest stride lengths, which is about 20 inches while other machines have a stride length of around 16 inches. This is a significant feature as stride length for the arms aid in burning more calories and is also beneficial for taller individuals. Most elliptical trainer reviews mention the average stride length of elliptical trainers to be between 12- 16 inches.

Sole is not only an elliptical trainer manufacturer, but it also offers a great warranty. It uses best quality parts which gives confidence that the equipment will be long lasting. Sole elliptical trainer is typically priced below $1700, which is an excellent option for this quality elliptical trainer.

It is possible to check out the different elliptical trainer reviews to compare the main advantages of the equipments in the reviews with the Sole elliptical trainer. It will be seen in the reviews that Sole offers very competitive equipment at a reasonable price. With this in mind Sole elliptical trainers will become popular and you will find after sometime that Sole elliptical trainers feature positively in the reviews more often. This will also showcase the bigger benefits which the Sole elliptical trainer has on offer.


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