Tamiya RC Cars

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Tamiya is famous for manufacturing excellent automobile miniatures. They have introduced competitive mini 4WD racing to the world as well as the world to RC cars. There are several models in the Tamiya RC car collection which showcase the company’s competence in designing car models.

Check out a few Tamiya RC car models:

Tamiya RC car Nitro Crusher model features a dominant FS-15S engine which has a big slide carburetor for getting good speed. There is a precision brake system in the engine which guarantees safety in operation. It comes in the shape of a monster truck. You can drive it over different kinds of terrain very easily with its numerous features. There are extra-large tires which are ideal for mud, rocks or sand. It also comes with a front impact control system which lets you run it stably irrespective of the obstacles you face.

Mini cooper is the same favorite car of Mr. Bean. This Tamiya RC car model is based on the 1960’s car. It is legendary for the size and dominant performance. Mini cooper has been known to do very well in competitions such as world rally championship. Tamiya RC car model has an M-03 chassis which has been particularly designed to be fast. The suspension which is double wishbone has been made to be stabile and offers good handling to the model. This RC car is electric and the batteries make it heavy. There is a unique hole in the chassis to make sure that this Tamiya RC car runs well in spite of the weight.

Subaru Impreza WRC Monte Carlo model of Tamiya RC car has been made for a novel style of racing…it drifts. The chassis of the car, TT-01D has been manufactured with light materials and has been particularly crafted for lower center of gravity. This ensures that the Subaru Impreza Tamiya RC car model will not topple when you “drift” it. You may be wondering about the benefits of drift racing. During regular turns, the car has a tendency to drop speed but with drifting, the car is able to keep accurate control and best speed. There may be a chance of something not working properly and that is why this RC car is designed to precision.

XBG Nitro Force is able to reach incredible high speeds and this Tamiya RC car model is surely a force to consider. It has been powered by a FR-S glow precision engine and uses a recoil starter for immediate start each time. The model of Tamiya RC car chassis is made of a toughened resin frame which has a low center of gravity which makes it very stable to drive.

XBG Nitro Force model of Tamiya RC car comes with an aerodynamic frame to ensure that wind does not slow the speed. Ultimately when you are looking for a Tamiya RC car which satisfies your wish to challenge gravity, you should get this car.


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