The GE Monogram Collection

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There is nothing like well aged wine when you serve drinks to complement your delicious dinner. Wine are available in a number of types and flavors, like sweet wine which is ideal with dinner or champagne to welcome the New Year. You are sure to have a treat with a relaxing and appetizing sip of wine.

You may look for a wine chiller if you enjoy serving and collecting wine for social get together. There is no better means to chill the wine and serve it to guests than in a device specifically made for it. You will surely want a gadget which is chic and sophisticated. The General Electric Monogram collection has a wine chiller, which is an excellent option.

You can be sure that you are getting good quality merchandise as GE is a well recognized name in the household appliance sector for years. GE gadgets are made for long life and reliability. Special GE Monogram range of appliances, blend quality with classy and sleek looks which will fit all households. If you want there is an option of personalizing the appliances according to your needs and décor.

Wine chiller from GE Monogram will surely be a good addition to your home. You can chill the wine bottles just the way you want and also surprise your associates at a dinner party. It comes with a chic glass door which is transparent and lets you see inside the wine chiller. Shelves made in cherry wood to match all kinds of wooden furniture and cabinets. There is a light inside which automatically lights up when you open the door.

Shelves are generally unfinished and you can get a wooden finish if you like. In case you are not happy with the looks of the shelves, you can customize the door. There is a different glass available to change the transparent one and get an opaque look. This will help you reveal or conceal wine chiller contents immediately.

Wine chiller from GE Monogram collection offers a lot of space for keeping the wine bottles with 7 shelves. In case you need some more space for storing longer wine bottles, you can get rid of one shelf to them.

GE Monogram wine chiller comes with a convenient control for temperature for easy use. You will be able to maintain that perfect temperature required for your wine bottles, it can be for aging the wine or chilling to serve it. There is a choice in controls which can be a regular knob or a digital panel. Both types have an LED display which shows the present temperature immediately.

GE Monogram wine chiller is one of the safest options for storing your wine. This wine chiller conserves the collection and also adds to the aesthetic ambience of your home. Any ordinary wine chiller may not do that and you can look into the GE Monogram Collection to find something which matches your taste and requirements.


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