Lcd Televisions Are The Cream of The Crop

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LCD televisions come in a flat panel format. Flat panels are one of the biggest must have televisions for most households. The one disadvantage to getting one right away is the cost. The LCD televisions are one of the most expensive televisions on the market today.

Two technologies are used for flat panel televisions, LCD and plasma. Most flat panels usually average 4 inches in thickness. Both of these televisions can be mounted on walls. If you have limited space, these are ideal. Most come in a 42 inch size but you can also purchase 50 to 60 inch sizes. The most popular sizes are 32 inch, 42 inch or 46 inch. LCD televisions are offered in smaller sizes also. The smallest size available is 15 inches for the LCD.

There are positives and negatives to LCD televisions.


Exceptional picture

Thin and mountable on walls

Image is bright

Generates less heat


Burn in effect is not a factor

Sharpness is exceptional and at native resolution


Reproduction of color is excellent

Angles for viewing are wide

Flatter, lighter than plasma and more durable

Along with the positives for LCD television are negatives.



Motion can be blurry

Contrast ratios are poor

Deep blacks cannot be produced

The screen doesn’t generate light so the screen must be backlit

May not perform well in brightly lit room

An LCD television has been the format of choice for buyers in the marketplace. This is great because as demand rises, pricing has begun to fall.

To get the best effect of your LCD television, how far away you sit from the television makes a difference. Ideally you should roughly sit 3.3 times the height of the screen. If you purchase a television that is too large for the room this can be a viewing issue. The edge and pixel corrections used to format the LCD can be distracting if sitting too close. Therefore, try not to buy a size that overwhelms the room you want to view it in, whether you wall mount the set or not. A nice rule of thumb is watching the set in the store from the same distance you will watch it from when you get it home.

You won’t be disappointed with purchasing an LCD television. With prices continually falling more and more sets are going to be seen in more homes.


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