Common Metal Detector Products

Metal detectors are used to detect metals. Metal detectors have a control box with speakers, batteries, microprocessor, circuit and controls. The unit must also have a stabilizer to keep it steady when it is moved. It needs a search coil to sense the metal and a shaft to connect the control box to the coil.

These are the different brands of metal detectors available in the market:

Tesoro Golden Max – This is a metal detector that weighs less than 2 and a half pounds. It has great sensitivity and is the lightest in the market. It allows you to control what you need to find.

Tesoro DeLeon – This is a metal detector named after Ponce de Leon, who went to Florida looking for treasure. It is easy to use. It is a target identification detector. However, it is not as light as the Tesoro Golden Max.

Whites E-Series – This is a complete series of metal detectors for use. This series of metal detectors have the following models:

1. DFX .

This metal processor combines microprocessor technology and turn-and-go simplicity.

2. XLT

This metal detector is simple and versatile. It has 5 programs and 10 adjustments that can be made.

3. MXT

This metal detector has three completely different operating modes. These modes are the gold prospecting, coin and jewelry and relic.

Prizm Series – This series of detectors includes the following:

1. Prizm II

2. Prizm III

3. Prizm IV

4. Prizm V

All these show exactly when and where to hunt.

Fisher – These metal detectors are named after a German called Fisher. They have an 8-inch center spider coil, instruction manual and 5 year warranty.

Garrett – This is a hand-held detector that can detect a medium sized pistol or a small piece of jewelry from a distance of 9″. It is simple. This detector is the most popular one. The Garrett Scanner PD 6500 Walk is a unique one that has special features.

Bounty Hunter – It is streamlined and has two operating controls and a mode selection switch. It is user friendly and gives great performance too.

Minelab – These metal detectors cost approximately $1395. They have an operating frequency of 1.5 to 100 kHz. One model is made primarily for use in parks, beaches and on the battlefield. The Minelab’s FBS provides excellent technology to work on saltwater beaches.

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