What Is An Educated Person?

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In our daily lives, we often encounter people we thought are well educated but to our dismay we discover them to be worst than animals. We have seen legislators fighting like barbarians inside the Senate or Congress. We have heard highly intellectuals and high profile individuals involved in scandals and scams. In many cases, the well-educated people who lead a country turn out to be the most corrupt and worst leaders in history. These types of people are sometimes regarded as “educated but not learned’.

The Philippines is one of the countries in the world with the highest literacy rate. It is also the third largest English-speaking country. In addition, millions of Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs are deployed almost in all parts of the globe.

With all the credits mentioned, will you consider Filipinos educated? If not, so, what is an educated Filipino?

For me, an educated Filipino or person is not just someone who earned a degree. Not just a person who can read and write, at the least. Not just someone who can communicate and converse well in the English language. Not just somebody who passed the board exam or qualified in the civil service exam. Not just a person who work in a company or in the government. Not just a person who had traveled or worked in other countries.

An educated person is a person who knows and prioritizes his many and varied responsibilities to himself, fellowmen, country and Creator. An educated person is aware that in every freedom that he enjoys, there is a corresponding responsibility attach to it. An educated Filipino is a law abiding citizen, pays his taxes faithfully and performs his duties and responsibilities well and with all honesty and integrity.

An educated person deals and mingles impartially to all kinds of people regardless of social status and cultural group. An educated person doesn’t take advantage to others especially the poor and the less privilege. An educated person is sensitive to the needs of others, his country and contributes to the best he could in uplifting the situation of others and the universe he live in as a whole.

That’s an educated person.


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