How I Find My Own Happiness

Happiness is a favourite word in our lives – from a newborn baby to the oldest grandpa, it is the most valuable asset in our lives. In fact happiness is every where, within everybody’s reach if you know how to find it! The poorest man is happy as a bumble bee while the richest man on earth is as sad as can be, WHY?

Simplicity is the way of life – in these 10 easy ways:

1: Change your habbits : Habits are hard to change but we got to start somewhere, sometime, the earlier the  better.                                            

2: Change your attitudes: Positive attitudes towards life creates positive energies for you to face the day. Leave the negatives thoughts behind because they are not worth your time.                                            

3: Learn to forgive and forget: Probably the hardest thing to do, but letting go of your ego can give you a totally different view of your situation. You can be happier.                                                                     

4: See the poitive side of unhappy events: Even the most unhappy event has a positive side for you to experience the joy. Find it – it may be a blessing in disguise!                                                                                          

5: Be grateful for what you have: Instead of focussing on your setbacks, focus on what you already have – family, friends, health and so on. A simple gratitude can give you a sense of satisfaction and contentment. Pause each day to reflect and you will feel happier than others.                                   

6: Have realistic expectations:  Have expectations within your reach so that you can easily achieve  it to give you the sort of happiness you need.                                                        

7: Make friends : Making friends and maintaining relationships can be challenging but is certainly an emotional development leading to happness. Get out of your loneliness and self pity and pay more attention to others who are less fortunate than you.                                  

8; Spiritual life: Faith is a way to focus on something other than yourself – so start  enriching yourself to cope better in life.                          

9: Desire less:  Don’t crave for everything that comes your way. It may be what you want but do not need, or it may be useful to others but does not hold any meaning to you. So just take what is yours and leave the rest for others to appreciate.                            

10: Identify your purpose in life: It will give you a sense of fulfillment and HAPPINESS!

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