10 Safety Tips To Remember When Traveling

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Traveling is supposed to be an experience full of fun and adventure.  To have a successful trip, know the things that can spoil your travel and get ready for the unexpected.  Here are some safety travel tips that can help you enjoy a hassle-free, and safe experience:

1.  Check if there are any travel warnings that your government has issued on your destination.  Stay away from high-risk locations, especially if you will be traveling alone.

2.  Do not agree to carry a package or a gift from a stranger. Do not accept food or drinks from a stranger.  Do not discuss your itinerary with people you do not know.

3.  Upon reaching your destination, do not accept a free ride from a stranger, nor pick up hitchhikers. If you have no one picking you up at the airport, it is better to rent a car or use the limousine service of the hotel where you will be staying.

4.  Keep your passport, cash, traveler’s check in a safe place all the time.  Keep a separate copy of your passport with you and leave the original in the hotel safe.  Before you travel, check if your passport is valid for at least six months after your return date.

5.  If you are traveling with a small child, bring along a passport size photograph of the child with you. 

6.  Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or clothing as these attract a lot of attention and you may be an easy target for thieves.

7.  Know the location and phone number of your country’s embassy in your destination. Keep a list of emergency phone numbers such as that of the police station and  the nearest hospital. 

8.  Avoid walking alone at night, especially along dark alleys and high-risk neighborhoods.

9.  Do not meet strangers inside your hotel room. If you have visitors whom you will be meeting for the first time, meet them in the lobby of the hotel.

10.  If you lose any cash or other valuables, report to the police immediately and ask for a copy of the police report.  Inform the agency or office which needs to know about the loss.  Call your embassy to report the lost of your passport; call your bank if your credit card or travelers checks were stolen.  Inform your airline or travel agency if you lost your airline ticket.

Wherever you may be, there are always unknown dangers that can pose risks to your life and property.  Be on the alert, especially when traveling with small children.  Enjoy your trip and make it a safe one!


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