Deal With Whiteheads

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Whiteheads skin problems are most popular for girls,  and you not get a perfect skin, but most of you do not know about any methods of treating acne scientifically. Whiteheads appear when sebum pores and cause skin condition does not get oxygen it needs. Density of pores on the skin is very thick, especially in the nose and cheek bones, so that whiteheads often offends great.
Improper skin care and makeup are abusing are causes whiteheads. Here are some tips to help you deal with whiteheads.

– Wash your face at least 2 times a day with anti-acne cream cleanser. You can also use acne cleansing products containing salicylic acid to remove the ugly whiteheads. Wash your face daily will help your skin to remove dirt and clean pores.

– You should also remove dead skin every 2 weeks. The removal of dead skin will help you quickly remove the whiteheads. You can do it at home with a mixture of oatmeal combined with yogurt or milk. First, wash your face thoroughly with warm water then apply the mixture to your face. This solution will help balance the skin and moisture from your skin that helps avoid problems from the whiteheads.

– You can also use the sauna therapy or hot baths to remove acne whiteheads. Use a warm towel to cover up the whiteheads and the heat will soften the skin pores and help push the dirt out and become clear.

– These natural therapies are also helpful in solving the problem of whiteheads. You can use honey, apply on the surface within 10 – 15 minutes and massage in circular motions to the forehead, nose and cheekbones, and then wash face with warm water and use a cotton towel to dry surface.

– Tea tree oil also helps you a lot in getting rid of whiteheads. Drinking more water helps your body excretion of toxins and keep skin hydrated is the way to your skin is free of the ugly acne.

– Also, a healthy diet with more fruits and vegetables will fix the problem of whiteheads.

However, a note that all of you to know that is not allowed to use your hands to remove acne. Because this action is the cause of the convex and concave scars on the skin after healing acne.


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