Speech Pathology Jobs – How to Choose The Best One

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Speech Pathology Jobs – A Tough Choice

As speech pathology jobs increase it’s nice to know we’re wanted because of high demand. However, it’s not so nice because it can make it difficult to decide who to work for.

When considering any job it is critical that the individual consider all of the options a future employer can offer him/her.

There are also many personal factors and preferences an SLP must remember when considering any position. Such as…

Family (immediate or their own)

Additionally, travel vs. permanent options, facility amenities, working hours, reimbursement, salaries, etc. Speech language pathology jobs have a lot of questions that every SLP needs answers to.

I am a very organized person and making the huge decision of “who to work for” is not something I take lightly. I research and sometimes even play out scenarios in my head about how a specific decision will affect me for the next 5 years.

Call me whatever you like *cough, cough* obsessive, but that is besides the point. My decision making ability has produced positive outcomes for me in the job arena, so I feel I have a decent track record.

It doesn’t mean I think of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, all the time, nor does it mean that I can predict the future (as much as I would like to sometimes). In fact, in 2 situations I never would’ve predicted the outcomes (one of which included my mother contracting ALS or Lou Gherig’s disease). But you can’t live your life in fear of making “the wrong choice”.

What you can do is make the most educated decision given the current information you have by using your deductive reasoning skills. I mean c’mon, you have lots of deductive skills that you learned during college and that you use as an SLP. If you don’t, I’m not sure how you are surviving the stress that SLPs go through on a daily basis.

I know how stressful it can be to find a new speech language pathology job regardless of whether you are fresh from grad. school or a “lightly seasoned” SLP. I created my free guide “18 Things Every SLP Must Know to Choose the Best Job” as an attempt to help relieve as much of that stress as possible.

Watch Speech Pathology Jobs – Tip 1 on YouTube

This guide outlines all of the information an SLP should consider when researching and interviewing a potential employer.

It is packed with information about:

Key questions to discuss with potential employers
Personal factors you should consider
Interview questions to ask potential employers
and much more…

This guide will help You while wading through all of the speech and language pathology jobs until you find your golden nugget. Best of luck.


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