The Best Places For a Cruise Vacation

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The latest trend in vacations is taking a cruise.  Everyone seems to want to go on a cruise.  On a cruise you will be on a luxurious floating hotel that will take you to remote and exotic places.  You will have a different destination almost everyday.  Yu will have every luxury from restaurants, theaters, spas, fitness clubs, inviting pools and much more all on board the cruise ship.

Gone are the days when ships were only used to transport goods and people to and from their places.  Today luxury cruise ships allow vacationers the chance to sail away into the sunset with fabulous natural seaside sceneries or breathtaking ice glaciers as a backdrop for a truly heavenly vacation.

The Caribbean is one of the favorite cruise destinations.  Vacationers take cruises to the Caribbean more than anywhere else in the world.  On a cruise to the many islands in the Caribbean you get to experience a vacation haven in lush tropical settings with gorgeous beaches thrown in.  The Caribbean includes so many magnificent islands and ports of call.   Each of these destinations will leave you amazed.  Discover ancient Mayan ruins and beautiful white beaches in Belize.  You can play at the fabulous resorts of Cozumel, Mexico as well as snorkel off its coast in its coral reefs.  It is said to be the best snorkeling spot in the world.  You can gaze at the cascade of Dunnae River Falls in Jamaica.  The US Virgin Islands in the Eastern Caribbean beckons with its sparkling white beaches.  Barbados in the South Caribbean is a great destination with its tropical breezes, hot sun, aquamarine water, powdery white beaches and friendly people.

To satisfy your adventurous spirit, experience Alaska where nature is at its most beautiful and wildlife is always present.  You can observe the spectacular ice fields of Glacier Bay.  You can visit the place with Mt. McKinley which is the highest peak.  You can also see grizzly bears, humpback whales, caribou and moose that will add adventure to you Alaska cruise.

Hawaii is a popular cruise choice for many people.  Its tropical feel and laid back lifestyle makes it a sought-after cruise destination.  Visit the big Island and get a glimpse of old Hawaii through the well-preserved cultural and historical parks.  Go surfing, parasailing, swimming or sunbathing at Maui, Oahu and Kauai.

Vacationers get to enjoy beautiful beaches, gaze at towering cliffs and take a trip to the diving spots in the Mexican Riviera.  The Mexican Riviera is a popular cruise destination.  For a once in a lifetime experience, the brave can jump off from a cliff in Acapulco with spectators looking on.  Puerto Vallarta offers tourists sandy beaches for a much needed break.  The lush tropical environment of Catalina is the perfect setting to communicate with nature. Sun, sand, water and forest are all part of your cruise.

A cruise to the Mediterranean will take you to different countries almost every day.  Each day can be a new cultural experience.  Florence, Rome and Venice offer magnificent architecture, romantic places and picturesque canals.  Barcelona in Spain is another popular port stop.  Turkey is a mix of east and west paradises.

A cruise through the Panama Canal is one experience a vacationer will not forget.  Imagine gazing at the sun rising over one ocean and then see it setting in another ocean.  The canal links two oceans and separates continents.

Take a cruise to Australia and New Zealand and you will experience splendid landscapes, secluded beaches, stunning glaciers and friendly people.  You will see great cities like Sydney and Auckland.  You will be able to snorkel in the They Great Barrier Reef.  You are guaranteed a great time.

The islands of the south Pacific are a great place to take a cruise.  These islands are known for their vegetation, tropical forests, crystal clear waters and friendly inhabitants.  You can explore the exotic and secluded islands of the Philippines, Polynesia, Fiji, Tahiti and Guam.  You can go whale watching in the Philippines.  The humpback whale visits the coast of this island.  Take a swim in the hidden logons in Fiji.  Be amazed by the corals in Tahiti.  You can lie under the warm sun on an isolated beach sipping a fresh mango smoothie and looking at the blue sky.  The islands in the south Pacific will pamper you.

There are so many great places to take a cruise it is hard to decide where to go.  It does not mater where you go you will have the time of your life.



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