Great European Vacation Ideas

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Two great vacation ideas in Ireland are the Castlemartyr east of Cork, and the Dromoland Castle in Newmarket-on-Fergus in Count Clare.  These two luxury travel destinations are part of The Dromoland Collection which includes many of Ireland’s top hotels.  Each one offers a unique vacation experience.  They both have traditional Irish charm and hospitality.

Castlemartyr Resort is a 17thcentury country manor house with 220 acres of beautiful woods, streams and a lake.  The manor house was once owned by the Knights Templar and Sir Walter Raleigh.

There are ancient ruins nearby that add to the atmosphere and sense of history.  The Castlemartyr Resort has a 24,000 square foot Avriga Spa, a links-style Irish championship golf course and a Yoga and Pilates Studio.

You can also check out Dromoland Castle which has a long historical heritage dating back to the 6thcentury.  The castle was home to the heirs of the eleventh century High King of Ireland.  Dromoland Castle is located in the Shannon region along Ireland’s rugged west coastline and is the perfect place to explore the towns of Limerick and Galway.  You can enjoy going to the spa.  There is also golfing, falconry, horseback riding, boating and fly fishing.

You can take a trip to Finland.  Turku, Finland is a port city serving Helsinki and is a popular port of call for cruise lines.  With cruise ship traffic to the Baltic Sea increasing, Turku is attracting more tourism from the cruise industry.  Turku is famous for its museums, stately manors, beautiful countryside, parks and gardens.

Many of the buildings in Turku feature a flamboyant twentieth-century avant-garde Finnish architectural style.  The history and culture of Finland, and Turku dating from the 1200’s are on display at the Turku Castle and Historical Museum.

If you are looking for Christmas vacation ideas, Turku is referred to in Finland as Christmas Town.  For two weeks in December Turku and Santa go all out with holiday festivals and Christmas events.

You can also visit Italy.  If you have an interest in history and culture you will definitely want to visit Herculancum in Italy.  Herculancum was Roman resort town 2000 years ago before it was destroyed, along with Pompeii, by the volcano Vesuvius in 79 AD.

The town has only been partially excavated, there is plenty to see. Herculaneum is actually better preserved and displayed than Pompeii.  You must visit the Argus House, House of Neptune and Amphitrite, House of Deer and Pozzuoli.

There is a price list painted on a wall of a communal bath, 2000 year old bathtubs and humorous paintings and mosaics.  A visit to Herculaneum is a fascinating look into the past.

Another great country to visit is Portugal.  Lisbon, Portugal has been one of Europe’s leading commercial ports for over five hundred years.  Many of the important ocean voyages that led to the discovery of the New World had their origin in Lisbon.

Lisbon has a rich history and culture.  The city has long been a vacation destination for many tourists.  Lisbon is a popular port of call for cruise passengers.

One of Lisbon’s big attractions is the legacy left behind from hosting its first world expo in 1998.  Along the banks of the Tagus River visitors will enjoy the virtual reality pavilion, Vasco de Gama shopping mall, a multi-purpose sports, cultural Center and Lisbon Oceanarium.  The Lisbon Oceanarium is the largest Aquarium in Europe.

Europe is a great place to take a vacation.  There are many countries to visit.  You will not be able to visit them all in one trip.



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