The Healing Power Of Bananas

Some people like bananas others do not. Some people simply believe bananas are too fatty for eating, but this is so untrue because they contain a healthy fat our bodies need to stay healthy and strong. Either way we all still should be eating as many bananas as we can because they provide so many amazing health benefits that help keep our body healthy and help treat common health problems such as digestive disorders.

People who suffer from constipation, PMS, anemia, stress, depression, fatigue, blood sugar problems, high blood pressure, tummy problems, skin irritations, lack of concentration, strokes, warts, cold sores, intestinal problems, nausea, ulcers, craving for sweets, headaches, inflammation, heartburn, and hot flashes should all eat bananas. Bananas are a super food and act as a natural medicine to our bodies because it contains so many powerful nutrients in it that help treat all the health conditions I just mentioned about and could even possible cure some of them. Why would we pay for expensive prescription medicines when one of the best natural medicines out there could treat and cure all of these health conditions? Bananas are affordable, safe to eat, and work naturally with our bodies healing process.

Bananas contain vitamins like A, B, and C. These vitamins help our body’s immune system fight off colds, flues, viruses, depression, cancers, diseases, and infections. The minerals in bananas that help support the immune system as well are magnesium and potassium. Bananas also contain high amounts of fiber which keeps our digestive system on tract and moving the waste out of our bodies fast and naturally while keeping our bellies full longer. When your hungry and craving sweets you should grab a banana and have that as a snack instead of candy bar or cookie. When the stomach is upset eat a banana instead of chugging down that pink belly medicine. If you feel depressed have a banana it helps provide your body with B vitamins and lift your mood right back up to being positive again. If you are suffering from heat or hot flashes eat a banana it will naturally help cool your body down.

Now if you can’t just eat a banana straight up add it to a smoothie, yogurt, salad, cereal, or sandwich. One of the best smoothie recipes you can use to help get bananas into your diet is the famous strawberry banana fruit smoothie. It’s got basically yogurt, bananas, strawberries, ice, and milk in it. It taste good, has tons of fiber and antioxidants, and will help keep your body’s immune system happy and healthy. Best of your entire tummy will be full. If you don’t like smoothies make the famous peanut butter banana sandwich with whole grain bread, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and sliced up bananas. There are several ways too getting bananas into your body to get the maximum health and healing benefits from them.

Just you remember these bananas aren’t that yellow fruit some people like and some people don’t. Bananas are a super food and can help heal and keep the body healthy. So, what you waiting for go be a monkey and get down some of those bananas and you be feel so good and healthy you will be swinging from the tops of trees as well.

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