"when Yesterday…"

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“So where do you wanna go?”

She was caught off-guard

“Huh?” she said as they made their way thru the tangle of abandoned vehicles.

Glancing over at her companion,she asked again.”Where do you wanna go Zayla?”
Zayla didn’t say anything for a minute, her eyes took on a far away look.

There’s so many places, I can’t decide. What about you Mara where do you want to go?”

Now it was Mara’s turn to answer & like her friend she replied”I don’t really know either,there are some eras that I like but…. I’m not sure.”

The loud klaxon alarms placed at strategic intervals throughout the city suddenly screamed to life. Instinct took over as both girls ran into the closest shelter.As the doors rolled shut they briefly saw the white flashes in the sky; another deadly sun eruption. Anyone foolish enough or unlucky enough to be outside would be dead before they even knew it. They clung to each other and waited for the all clear. There had been a time when these shelters would have been full,but the world’s people had been leaving for the last 5 years. As a result the room built to hold a hundred now only held two!

Several hours later after getting the all- clear signal,they finally made it to the departure point. As they approached, the guard on duty wearily held out his hand for their documents.

“Where are you girls off to?” he asked in a bored voice.

They looked at each other & at the same time said” We want to look over some eras please.”

He yawned, stretched ,then got up & motioned them to follow.
“In there.” he pointed to a room off to the left. Zayla thanked him, he just shrugged.

“You two are the last ones in this sector, so as soon as you go,I’m leaving too.”

“We’re the…..last people in our sector?” Mara said with surprise,she turned and quickly scanned the assortment of data discs.Her face broke into a wide grin as she found one she would enjoy living in.
She smiled at Zayla ” I know where I wanna go Zayla, are you coming with me?” she held up a data disc.

“Where?” Zayla asked.

Mara grinned “Somewhere that people don’t judge you,or try to hurt you because you don’t fit the mold.”

“Ok we’re ready” they called out.
The guard came in “About time, let me see the destination card.”
Mara handed it over. He scanned it ,glanced at them & shrugged.”Follow me.”
He led them to a room with no windows.Pointing to a door in the far wall he informed them

“You’ll find appropriate attire & other necessities for your chosen destination. You will also be needing these.” He held out 2 capsules colored green/white. “When you’re ready take these,they will provide you with whatever knowledge & skills you’ll need to survive.”

A short time later they were ready to leave.

“One final piece of information.” they were told

“Once there you will not remember this time period, or be able to ever return. Do you accept that?”

Without hesitation they both nodded “Yes, we accept.”
“Good journey in your chosen time.”
The guard touched a few buttons & the room shimmered then was gone! Off in the distance they saw their camp, yelling excitedly,they ran towards it.
“Mammoth! We saw mammoth! To the rising sun, including calves,& a pregnant female.”

Yes they would be happy here living 40,000 years in their planets past. They camp they chose to live with had no problem with girls who loved girls.


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