How to Find a New Car

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Watch television programming online through sites like Hulu

Play a console game (i.e. PS3, Xbox 360)

See advertisements on television

See an online status update or social networking post about it

Speak with someone who is an expert on automobiles

Comparison shop online

Notice banner advertising while browsing online

Read comments following an article/op-ed piece online

Visit a blog that discusses automobiles

Speak with a family member other than your spouse

Search online for reviews or endorsements

Notice in-game advertising

Speak with a friend or co-worker

Visit a forum/message board

Speak with your spouse or significant other

See an ad on a billboard

See a ranking/rating from an independent source (e.g. Consumer Reports, J.D. Power, etc.)

Read a brochure from an automotive manufacturer

Attend a show or event where automobiles are featured

See an ad in a newspaper

Discuss with friends on a social networking website like Facebook  

Respond to an ad with my mobile phone

See an ad or message on a poster or outdoor video screen

Search the web for information with your mobile phone

See an ad in a weekly insert

Hear it discussed on the radio

Read a consumer review online

Receiv a referral notice from a friend from an online site like Facebook

Look for information from an automobile manufacturer website

Read information in an email received from an automobile manufacturer or dealer

Watch a video review of a product online

Participate in a chat or discussion online about automobiles

There are definitely many great methods of searching for vehicle information. My advice is to listen to real people like yourself and people who are close to you. These people usually will provide you with the most honest feedback because they are not interested in making a sale. It is better to bring a trustworthy partner along with you when you visit the dealership. Take your time to make the final purchase decision. Your vehicle is like your second home and you should feel comfortable in it.

P.S. Have you ever heard of the Assurance Trade-In Value Guarantee program? This program eliminates concerns about depreciation by giving new buyers a guaranteed value for their vehicle in months 24 through 48 of ownership.


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