Taipei – a Great Escape From The Ordinary in Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan is the capital city of Taiwan, sometimes called the Republic of China. Taipei is located at the north end of Taiwan by the Danshui River. Taipei is the largest metropolitan area on Taiwan and has over two million residents. Taiwan is a leading center of shipbuilding, electronics and textiles and is a true international city. Due to its cosmopolitan nature Taipei is the top choice of destinations for Australians. The many flights daily into Taiwan’s two airports offer competition allowing great pricing on flights to Taipei.

The smaller airport Songshan Airport is located in downtown Taipei but receives flights internationally from Japan, China and Korea. The larger airport Taoyuan or Chang Kai-Shek International Airport receives international flights from Brisbane or Sydney, the usual departure points from Australia. It is the home hub to China Airlines. From the airport to reach downtown Teipai you can rent a car, catch a cab or take a bus. Starting in 2014 the Taipei Metro trains will reach the airport from Taipei. The Taoyuan Airport is about 30 km away from Taipei necessitating the use of local transportation to reach Taipei proper. Transportation options are the high speed shuttle bus which has a Ubus station in each terminal, local buses outside the terminal that connect with various stops in Taipei and local taxis. Of these, the buses are the most economical to reach town.

Taipei has plenty of attractions to keep you busy while in Taipei. The city has multiple parks and outdoors areas including the world renowned Taipei Zoo. Suite 101 now the second tallest building in the world welcomes tourists to its shopping malls and restaurants and of course to its viewing room 400 feet above Taipei. Suite 101 boasts some exhibits on the history of the area and a great coral exhibit is on floor 88. The elevators go to the top in seconds and are some of the fastest in the world. The National Palace museum has over 600,000 artifacts of Asian culture and is the leading Asian museum in the world. Items date back to the tenth century. Other sites not to be missed are the Chang Kai-Shek Memorial and Park, the Maokong Gondola, the Long Shan Temple, the Museum of Jade Art and the Taipei Eye theater area.

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