Treating Stress With Geranium Oil

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When we are stressed out, suffering from anxiety, or having a panic attack we usually think about taking a lavender bubble bath or lighting a lavender candle to help use relax and calm down. Some of us even like to sit down some place quiet and sip on a cup of chamomile tea, but others like to use geranium oil to help calm them down and bring peace back into their life.

Geranium oil is used by many aroma therapist and massage therapist as aroma therapy or during a body massage. The geranium oil has a strong rose aroma to it that seems to calm and relax one’s mind, body, soul, and spirit and lifts them up from everyday stresses.  Other people use the rose scented geranium oil in a warm bath to help relax their whole entire body when they are feeling stressed out, or need to tone, condition, and nourish their stressed out skin. Some even like to mix the geranium oil with olive, almond, grape seed, or jojoba oils to create a relaxing massage oil or body oil to use to help hydrate their skin and relieve tightness and stiffness in the body.

People who do not like using geranium oil as oil simply will pick scented geranium flower petals and place them inside their pillowcases at nighttime to help them fall asleep. The geranium oil from the flower petals is strong enough alone with out using concentrated geranium oil. Others like to place whole geranium flower petals and their leaves into a potpourri warm with some water and create a floral rose relaxing aroma throughout their whole entire home to help bring calmness to the atmosphere. Some even like to boil the geranium flowers in water on top of the stove to extract the oil from them and create a lovely facial toner to help freshen up their skin with.

The best time to use the geranium oil or flowers in any kind of way is when we are stressed out, having anxiety or a panic attack, or simply suffering from depression. The scent of the geranium oil does calm the nerves right down and helps you relax a lot better. You can usually find geranium oil in local herbal shops and sometimes even candle shops that carry aromatherapy oils. The geranium oil can be expensive to buy, but I believe it is well worth having on hand if you suffer from stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression often. I would just be careful using it if you are allergic to geraniums. If you are allergic stick to the lavender and chamomile herbs to help calm you down.

For those of you who are suffering from stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression I hope this information helps you out. I also hope those of you who use the geranium oil to help calm your nerves are able to find some peaceful relief.


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