Can Coffee Prevent Cancer?

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Many people believe coffee causes cancer and other common health conditions because it caused cancer in rats. The truth is that is simply a myth. Coffee is actually very good for us to drink without the added sugars and heavy creams because it contains antioxidants in it that can actually keep cancers away as well as many troubling health conditions such as ovarian, bladder, colon, bowel and liver.

The reason why is because coffee contains antioxidants in it that help repair the cells that have been damaged by free radical ones. The different types of antioxidants in coffee are phenols, falconoid, proanthocyanidins, Coumarins, lignans, benzoic acids, Flavonoids, lignins, and stilbenes. These types of antioxidants help protect our cellular DNA from becoming damaged by free radical cells that cause cancers.

The different types of diseases coffee can help prevent and treat are heart disease, diabetes, dementia, cirrhosis, headaches, migraines, cavities, asthma, gallstones, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, fatigue, Alzheimer, and type 2 diabetes. Again the reason why these diseases can be prevented and treated with coffee is because coffee contains powerful antioxidants in it.

Coffee can also help keep us stay young and beautiful because it can prevent signs of aging. The reason coffee can prevent signs of aging is not only because it contains antioxidants that help fight off free radical cells, but it also contains caffeine. Caffeine keeps our skin firm, toned, glowing, and wide awake looking. Caffeine can even give us the energy to workout so we can keep our bodies in shape so we are always lean and beautiful.

One of the main reasons I have been drinking coffee lately for my health is because the caffeine in it helps relieve my asthma attacks and sometimes can even prevent them from happening when I drink it in the morning. The other reason I have been drinking coffee is to help fight fatigue and depression. The caffeine helps me fight off the fatigue and the B vitamins in coffee help keep my mood upbeat and happy. The last reason I use coffee is to help prevent and treat migraine headaches.

The best way to get coffee into your diet is by drinking 2 to 3 cups of rich roasted coffee a day. It is best to drink only organic and natural coffees that have not been processed over and over again. You want the purest form of coffee you can get so you can receive the most beneficial health properties it can possibly give your body. You should also consider drinking your coffee black, but if you can’t try using natural sweeteners in it such as honey and some skim milk instead of sugar and cream. This will help cut calories and make the beverage healthier for you to drink daily.

See coffee may cause cancer in rats, but not in humans. Humans can actually benefit from drinking those several cups of coffee in the morning and now you have more reasons to do so than not. I hope you all enjoy your cups of coffee and the morning.


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