Homemade Citrus Bath Soak

My favorite homemade sea salt body soak to make when I am in a really depressing mood is my Citrus Blast Sea Salt Soak. It is so simple to make and the smell of the citrus perks up my depressing mood. Best of all my Citrus Blast Sea Salt Soak helps remove toxins in our bodies and leaves our skins feeling soft and smooth while relaxing our muscles and body.

The ingredients you will need to make my Citrus Blast Sea Salt Soak are 10 drops of citrus oil drops that are safe for the skin and body and 5 cups of sea salt or Epsom salt. You can usually find these ingredients in your local health food and organic food stores in your local area as well as your local pharmaceutical stores. Both ingredients together cost around $10.

The materials you will need to make my Citrus Blast Sea Salt Soak are a mixing bowl, mixing spoon, and a small container with a lid to place the soak mixture in. You can find these materials I am sure in your kitchen, but if not your local Wal-Mart or Target store will have them for less than $10. You can also check your local dollar store as well. I know I found all these materials in my local dollar store for dollars which was awesome.

The way you make the Citrus Blast Sea Salt Soak is by taking your mixing bowl and pouring in the 5 cups of sea salt or Epsom salt and adding the 10 drops of citrus oil into it. Than all you need to do is simply mix both of the ingredients together with your mixing spoon until the whole mixture smells like citrus. It should only take 2 minutes to combine all the ingredients together and get them mixed. After you are done combining the ingredients together you will than have my Citrus Blast Sea Salt Soak and you can pour it into your plastic container and cover the container with the lid so it doesn’t dry out until you are ready to use it.

The way I like to use my Citrus Blast Sea Salt Soak and the way you can as well is by filling up the tub with tons of warm water. I like my water hot because it allows the citrus oil in the soak to scent the room as the water is steaming. Than I take 1 cup of the Citrus Blast Sea Salt Soak and pour it directly into the tub full of hot water. If my muscles and body are sore and achy I then place 2 cup of the soak into the bath to help relieve the pain and aches faster and better. Once I place the soak into my bath water I than get into it and allow the citrus scent cheer my depressed mood right up and allow the bath water and soak to relieve my body pains and remove the toxins from my body. I usually like to soak in my bath for as long as I can, but you should at least soak in it for around 30 minutes or more to really get the full benefits from the bath soak. Once I am don’t with my bath my skin is softer, my mood is happier, and my body is pain and toxin free.

I wish all of you the best of luck at making my Citrus Blast Sea Salt Soak have an easy time making it and finding the ingredients for it. I also hope those of you who make it end up enjoying this homemade citrus soak in your bath tub. I know I did and would recommend anyone to make my bath soak recipe and enjoy a relaxing uplifting bath.

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