Should I Purchase a Tivo or a Dvr

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What is the difference between TiVo and DVR? Both are used to record television programming and replay it later. You can fast forward, rewind and pause your program using these devices.

TiVos and DVRs are different in hard drive size. The hard drive determines the number of television content that can be warehoused for viewing later. TiVo devices permit you to hook-up an external hard drive and transfer programs to view on other gadgets. You can also set up recording TiVo online. Not all satellite and cable companies that provide DVR permit online recordings.

TiVo devices are not leased or rented, they are purchased. Whichever satellite or cable company you have a contract with; consumers may be limited on whether they can purchase the unit or if they have to lease or rent them.

After the initial purchase of the TiVo device, there is a monthly service fee of approximately $14 in order to access all features that TiVo provides. A yearly subscription will provide a discounted rate. Satellite and cable DVRs usually run approximately $6 per month.

TiVo similar to DVRs allows you to record more than one television program at the same time. However, using TiVo with satellite, only one TV show can be recorded at a time. Some TiVo machines don’t work with satellite systems while others do depending upon which device you choose to purchase.

One great feature of TiVo if you’re a movie buff is the ability to stream rented movies through Amazon, Netflix and Blockbuster. This additional service does come with additional costs.

Specifications for TiVo differ by version. TiVo Series1 DVRs are the original device and sustain standard definition broadcasts only. If you choose the Series2, you can watch one program while recording another. Series3 adds a high definition support to the Series2. There is the TiVo Premiere that can connect the same as Series3.

TiVo is connected to a server that allows it access to relevant and changing technological environments. For Series1 the connection is sustained by a telephone line. Series2 connect via a USB cable, Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The Series3 and TiVo Premiere contain all of these without the need for a USB cable.

This device can also be connected easily to any home theatre system as one of the many varying other components connected.

Purchasing a TiVo is slightly more expensive than a standard DVR. However, its technology and upgrades can continuously allow you to view the very best and record programs that you love to watch but can’t find the time to watch when they air. Many consider the investment worth it in the long run versus the standard DVR.


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