One Of The Best Led Lcd TV Is Surprisingly Produced by Vizio

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For the very best picture quality in televisions, reviewers rate the LCD TVs with LED backlights. Increasingly consumers are referring to these televisions as LED TVs, they are LCD televisions with the exception of the LED backlights. Vizio is trying to lead the LCD TV revolution and catching up with the more recognized manufacturers.

By delivering a reputation of solid value and good televisions, but not elite quality, Vizio is moving up in the world of manufactures of LCD quality exceeding television sets. They have reviews of their XVT3SV series of LED LCD televisions that may have moved Vizio up in their rankings of being one of the leaders in LCD quality. LED LCD televisions in the series have gained the Editor’s Choice award at CNET. In addition, and have also recognized Vizio. Solid evaluations have also been hailed for Vizio’s XVT3SV series from and

The XVT3SV doesn’t include 3D but it does have nearly every other feature that a consumer would want in a LCD TV. It includes one of the finest internet qualities many have ever seen in a television. The XVT3SV includes a remote control with a QWERTY board that slides out. This little feature makes the entire remote much friendlier for the user. This is not the cherry on the top; the XVT3SV series picture superiority is what puts it on top.

Vizio’s XVT3SV picture quality has terrific color reliability and great presentation even in rooms that are brightly lit. The black levels that have always been the thorn in the LCD televisions side are also better with Vizio’s LED model. The skillful blacks are accomplished by a complete arrangement backlight with local dimming. The complete array of backlighting also minimizes another issue that LCD televisions have which is uniformity issues that occur with edge lighting on LCD televisions.

However, there are some drawbacks to this great technological masterpiece. The television still hasn’t solved the issue of “blooming” where the LCD has bright areas on the screen bordered by very dark areas generating a halo result sporadically. This halo effect is seen in almost every LCD television but the XVT3SV is more inclined to show this effect more than most.

By having the complete LED array, the XVT3SV is thicker than most super slender edge lit LED designed televisions. The thicker look does take away from the beauty of the slimness of the LED televisions expectation by the consumer of the slim look.

The consumer can find differences in things that the XVT3SV has to offer to gripe about. However, they all agree that the picture quality goes beyond some of the best LED LCD TVs on the market today.


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