Magnificent Advantages of The Ipod

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When someone introduces you to a piece of technology that you never knew existed it’s like seeing a rainbow after a thunderstorm, you’re in awe! That’s what many think of the iPod. You’re not alone. Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and every once in a while it lands on something that has never been seen and takes us by storm.

The iPod has so many advantages, this article is only naming a few. There may be some you’re familiar with while others are eye openers.

There is tons of space to the new fourth generation iPods for your music. Currently you can store 20 GB to 40 GB of mp3 music files. This is immense storage capacity. The new iPods also allow support for multiple playlists and menus for your music.

IPod’s shuffle feature lets you listen to music you choose yourself. The Shuffle Songs Feature was added so you don’t have to review several different levels of audio to find the music you’re looking for.

The iPod was initially promoted as a music listening product. Mostly used by teens, the market share they control and are buying this device has expanded to include just about every one of every shape, color, age and size.

Amazingly the educational system is using the iPods in a very interesting format. Duke University provided iPods to their incoming freshman that had prerecorded information concerning the campus, calendar information and orientation notes. The school also has information in the iTunes format that allows their students to purchase other academic material such as language lessons or course outlines. In addition, they can use their iPods for music also.

The audio book market initially was conquered by CDs. However now the format is in mp3 and you can have your audiobooks on your iPods.

IPods have even went international. Initially they were English only but now they offer fourteen different languages so Apple has gone global with their device.

They are even intelligent enough to realize whether or not the listener has headphones in their jacks or not. If you’re listening to your music and remove the headphones from the jack, the iPod will pause.

IPod continues to evolve and the iPod Photo has been developed. The regular iPod has an added photo screen. It can store 30,000 photos for you and connect to your television to display your photos. The photos can be downloaded to your computer via USB cable also.

IPod has so many advantages and only a few are listed here. If you purchase this device you won’t be disappointed. There are several different versions of Apples device and they have something for everyone.


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