Wondering What to Get The Techie For The Holidays?

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Luxury electronic products make great gifts. With the Holiday Season upon us, consider purchasing a Droid Smartphone as a gift for the technology wizard of the family. The wizard won’t be disappointed.

The Droid mobile phone uses the Android operating system. Google acquired the Droid Company in 2005. Droid mobile phones are Smartphones. Their abilities and resources have continued to develop since their inception.

Motorola developed the Droid X this summer. It has become one of the most popular Smartphones on the market today. Droid X has a crystal clear 4.3 inch touchscreen and a processor more formidable than any other Smartphone separating the Droid X from other phones of the same caliber. The call superiority is incredible. Also priced at around $200, an added plus to the Droid X is the GPS navigation system that is free to use without charge if you use Google navigation.

HTC came out with the HTC EVO 4G in 2010. The HTC has a large 4.3 inch touchscreen and an 8 megapixel camera with video capabilities. Priced at around $200, you can video chat with a 1.3 megapixel camera that is front facing. Internal storage of the HTC is about 8 GB making the functions almost immediate. You can even connect the HTC to your television with a special cable that is incorporated with your phone.

The Droid Incredible previously known as the HTC Incredible is Verizon using the Android technology. This Smartphone is so popular there are waiting lists of customers that have waited two to three weeks for delivery. With 8 GB of storage capacity and an 8 megapixel camera, it can compete with the other Smartphones. However, the touchscreen is much smaller at 3.7 inches. It does have a standard Android keyboard and a great processor that is extremely fast. You can run up to six applications concurrently without any issues. The Incredible is selling for $199 after a $100 mail in rebate.

Samsung not to be left out has created its first 4G Smartphone, the Samsung 4G Epic. The 4 inch touchscreen is slightly smaller than the Droid X and HTC EVO but displays a quality image. The five row keyboard makes for excellent texting capability. A 5 megapixel camera and Bluetooth capability are standard for the Epic. An amazing 512 MG of RAM makes it run smoothly. The most extraordinary function is the capability to play movies in diverse formats. The Epic is priced at a competitive $249.

Samsung Fascinate has been on the market since September. The most outstanding features of the Fascinate are the gaming graphics that cannot compare to the other Droid phones and the video capability that cannot be matched by any other Droid phone. Samsung Fascinate is priced at $199 after a mail in rebate.

The Droid Smartphones are terrific examples of new technology in the mobile phone community. They have the capabilities to do anything your personal computer can do within the confines of space no larger than your hand. A great buy for the techy in your family for Christmas!


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